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Yummy Cookies Without The Oven


Perhaps the most challenging part of being in gluten-free in college is the lack of allergy-friendly baked goods that are readily available. This year I am fortunate enough to have an oven in my house, but I still lack the luxury of time to bake a batch of cookies. Especially when it comes to baking gluten-free, you basically have to babysit your oven or take the risk of ruining your baked goods. And let’s face it, do you really bake as good as your mother? I for one know I do not.

Because of the challenges I face while away from school, I have become accustomed to reaching for store-bought, prepackaged muffins and cookies. I especially enjoy a healthy (read: healthyish, like containing oatmeal and raisins… and chocolate) cookie that I do not feel super guilty about eating. It is not often you find a good gluten-free cookie that does not taste like plywood or like you are consuming a full bag of sugar. Having a nut allergy, I struggle with finding store-bought cookies that are not made from almond flour or contain peanuts. Once you do find that brand of cookie you like, it is only a matter of time before it leaves the shelfs, forcing you to search Amazon for hours. With all the options in the cookie else, you would think the challenge would not be this hard. But let me just tell you, it is. Well let me rephrase that statement…. it was. It was a challenge finding the perfect allergy friendly cookie until I found Good Girl Cookies.

You may recognize them from this post. Yeah, I know. I kinda tend to talk about the things I love constantly. Oh well, I am passionate and that is not something I am ashamed of. If you trust what I have to say at all, and I sure hope you do, head over to Goodie Girl Cookies and order yourself a package. There is free shipping and 75 cents off so really, what do you have to lose?

Thanks to Goodie Girl, I can now have a cookie milkshake (with dairy-free ice-cream, course!). I can make cookie crust for pies (check out this recipe, YUM!). Goodie Girl has a ton of yummy gluten-free recipes on their website, check them out!

My personal favorite? Probably the Midnight Cookie Brownie. It is to amazing. Just saying.




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