Yehaw, I Went Glamping! || My Trip to Austin, TX: Salad Edition

As you have probably already picked up on, I love my veggies. I could eat a salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Heck, I basically do eat a salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Everyday for lunch my mother packs me a salad, normally with lettuce, kale, broccoli slaw, carrots, almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette. Balsamic anything is enough to get my taste buds drooling! I’ve always been one to reach for my veggies over a sweet treat. Sometimes (ok, quite often actually) I get a bit sick and tired of eating the same old salad. I think that is why I loved the Seasonal Vegetable salad from North so much; its exotic, colorful, and delicious (and it is both gluten free and vegetarian friendly! If salads could get brownie points, I’d give this one a major amount!) 
North Italian Restaurant in The Domain at Austin is known as the top restaurant in its area, and I couldn’t agree anymore. The Seasonal Vegetable Salad was packed with super foods like kale, roasted cauliflower, butternut squash, brussels sprouts, faro and quinoa, goat cheese, and it was toped with a light vinaigrette. I normally stay clear of brussels sprouts because I find them to be a bit chewy. The brussels sprouts in this salad were roasted making them crunchy and oh so tasty!
This salad was so amazing that I had to go back the to the restaurant the next day and have it again! (Confession: I’ve actually had day dreams where I was eating this salad.)  Not only was the food amazing, but the staff was friendly, helpful, and remembered me when I came back the next night! I actually sat in the same exact spot the second night and had a nice candle lit dinner… the salad and ambiance was just that good.
Any who, since I only ordered a salad at North, thats all I can account for. Though the water and lemon was pretty tasty as well! There is more than one North Italian Restaurant in America, so be sure to click here and see if there is a North near you!
Travel often, eat well, and keep things covered up.

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