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Wherever My Chacos Take Me

When you mix Mandy, dirt, some lake water, and bugs together (mainly bugs), you do not get a good result.
I am not an outdoorsy person what so ever. Being out in the sunshine is great! As are flowers and well-manicured grass. But you will never find me going on a hike or climbing a ropes course. Instead, I will probably be found drinking iced tea, underneath a fan and in the shade. That is just what I am used to.
A few months ago my parents decided to enroll me for HPU’s nationally ranked Summer Experience Program. They thought getting eight credits out of the way before the fall would be a fantastic way to start off my new college career. I have been itching to get started at High Point for years and am thrilled to know I will be spending a month of my summer at school! That was until I found out what the Campus Activities Team had planned for us…
Estate Day equipped with a ropes course, zip lining, and tubing down a lake? For Mandy? A big “No thank you” quickly entered my head, directly followed by a “What am I going to wear? I don’t think I have the right shoes for this!” Typical Mandy response, what can I say.
I know that starting college is all about leaving your comfort zone. Something that can only be done by trying new things- and in my case, buying new shoes.
I basically live in my Jack Rogers. They go with every outfit and can be dressed up or down- they are miracle shoes! After you break them in that is. Almost all of my friends in North Carolina attend Summer Camp and have these crazy sandals called Chacos. And when I say they are crazy, I mean it. They look so complicated and outdoorsy and have black soles (I absolutely hate wearing the color black). Never, I mean never, would I ever thought I would own a pair of Chacos. But… I recently traded my Jacks in for a pair of rainbow Chacos, but only for certain occasions!
So here I am, writing this post while sitting on my porch, drinking iced tea with multiple fans blowing on me. Still the same Mandy, just with a crazy new pair of shoes.
My AP English teacher senior year had this quote next to her door: “Cinderella is living proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life”. I fully believe that my pair of rainbow Chacos will change my life, as cliche as that sounds. Will I magically become some big outdoorsy girl who loves to play in the dirt and go on hikes because I am wearing Chacos? Doubtful. Will I step outside of my comfort zone while wearing Chacos? Absolutely. And that is exactly what I plan to do.
I leave my comfort zone and for Summer Experience on Saturday, with both my Chacos and Jacks packed in my bag.  It terrifies me to know that I may not be able to post three times a week- as my blog brings me oh so much joy! However, I know that it is nearly impossible to blog about your life if you are not out there living your life.  I plan to say yes to every new opportunity that comes my way while away at school and focus on my academic classes. For the next month I will be living my life, and filling my blog with one too many guest posts!
My favorite shoes:
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling.
Oh and stay quirky, readers! I will be back before you know it!

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