What Can A Headache Mean?

Headaches are, of course, very common ailments, and all of us get them from time to time. But if you find that you tend to have a lot of them and you would like to get to the bottom of why, then that’s another matter altogether. Just like with pretty much any physical distress, you will find that there are a surprising number of possible underlying causes to headaches, and it’s important to bear in mind that they are not all made equal. So what is it that might be causing your headaches? Only a visit to the doctor will tell you for sure, but in the meantime here are a few possibilities which might be your underlying issue. You might be surprised at what is really causing your headaches after all.

You’re Depressed

Not many people will consider this one, but depression is actually one of the most common causes of headaches. Unless you have had a depression-induced headache, you will find this hard to understand, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. The fact is that when you’re depressed you tend to experience a range of physical symptoms, as well as the more well-known mental symptoms. This is simply because depression is an illness like any other, and it originates and affects the body as well as the mind. If you do think you are depressed, you should of course seek help as soon as possible. These days, there are a huge number of possible varying treatment types available for depression, from TMS therapy to CBT and SSRIs. It is always worth talking to someone about it too, as sometimes that is all that is necessary to do away with it.

You’re Drinking Too Much Alcohol

We’re not just talking about hangovers here, although that is of course a problem too. The fact is that drinking a lot of alcohol on a regular basis is liable to cause headaches in the long run too, regardless of whether or not you have hangovers the day after. When you drink a lot of alcohol, you are regularly dehydrating yourself, and for that reason you are much more likely to experience headaches in your daily life. If you get headaches and you know that you probably drink a little too much, try cutting down and seeing if it makes a difference. You might be surprised – and you are likely to feel a little more energetic and happy as a result too.

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important to our overall health in so many ways, and yet so many people do not get enough of it regularly. If you get a lot of headaches, this is another place to look. Could you be getting a little more sleep each night? If the answer is yes, try to make a point of going to bed earlier for a while and seeing if that helps. If it does, you should aim to keep it up – a lack of sleep is so bad for you that it can lead to pretty much a worsening of every disease you can think of. It also makes heart attacks and strokes more likely, and means you are more likely to suffer mental problems.

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