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Walking Away From This Cold Weather Like…

I have always been a riding boot girl. They used to be a staple in my wardrobe; I would legitimately wear them everyday of the week. That was until my Bean Boots came in.

Within an instant I fell in love. Remember this blog post? After waiting a long five months for my Bean Boots to come in, I was thrilled to slip them on my feet! I no longer allow my riding boots the pleasure of keep my feet warm on the daily. Now, I leave that up to my treasured Bean Boots.


My favorite thing about these boots are how easily they can be dressed-up and dressed-down. With that being said, I would strongly recommend not wearing your Bean Boots with a nice outfit to a fancy dinner. However, Bean Boots look fantastic dressed-up with an oxford or dressed-down with a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. I always felt funny wearing my riding boots with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Some seem to pull it off quite well- I am just not that lucky.

I also really appreciate the traction on the bottom of these boots. We have had a harsh winter up here in Michigan. I am oh so grateful that the main part of the shoe is made of rubber and can be easily cleaned. There is nothing I dislike more than scrubbing the salt off of my leather riding boots and having to re-dye them. Thankfully, my parents would normally take care of that. But its still nice not to have that issue anymore.
The other day I switched out my signature pink, green, and navy ensemble for something a different but equally as quirky! It seems like the majority of my winter outfits are composed of a crew neck sweater, a scarf, and a pair of boots. I never know what outfit I am going to put together, I guess that is why my mother describes my style as “Predictably Unpredictable”?




Outfit details: Bean Boots || Jacket (Similar) || Pants || Belt (C.Wonder, No longer available) || Socks || Sweater || Scarf (Old) 
Whatever the weather, remember to keep things covered up!
TQC and her treasured Bean Boots.
A special thank you to Matt Sczerba Photography for the amazing pictures!

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