Twenty-Fourteen, You Haven’t Been Mean

Ahh twenty-fourteen, you have been oh so delightful!
I cannot exactly put into words what 2014 was like. During the past year I have experienced the most amazing opportunities.
I became the Head of New Media for the Smart Girls Group, a position that really allowed my create to take off and introduced me to some of my best friends.

I attended New York Fashion Week, something I always thought would remain a dream.

I was accepted into the MTV Inner Circle, a job I have dreamt of having, and was able to visit MTV Cooperate Head Quarters twice where I experienced a little glimpse into my future.

I toured Teen Vogue HQ in New York City and left eager to further my career in the communications industry.

I molded for Seventeen Magazine at an event in Chicago while sick as a dog, only to have my appendix removed five days later.

I was accepted to my dream school, High Point University, a goal I have been striving to reach for as long as I can remember.

I created this blog, something I have been afraid to start.

I volunteered for the U.S. Open which happened to be held right in my backyard in Pinehurst, North Carolina.
Twenty-fourteen, you haven’t been mean. You have shown me the woman I want to become, the career I want to have and have proven to me that anything is possible with hard work and just a few sacrifices.
As we move on to 2015, don’t forget to keep things covered up.
Happy New Year!


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