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#Trending doesn’t always mean #Love

You may recognize Alexis Oakley from her ‘lipgloss’ video below that went viral in May. The video captures her personality, a fun loving girl with an inspiring imagination. What the video does not capture is the amount of hatred Alexis will endure post #Trending. The truth about internet stardom is that it doesn’t come without a price. This is Alexis’ story.

As most of you know, a while back I posted a video “introducing” my new lip gloss line. Instantly, the video went viral. I had articles written about me on popular websites such as Huffington Post, Yahoo, AOL, Seventeen Magazine and more. People seemed to think that it was funny. But, then there were some very negative comments toward my video as well. At first, I didn’t think much of it. But then it turned into more than just a few uncalled for comments. It grew into people not only criticizing the video, but people tearing apart me and the makeup that I have done. I have never felt so attacked and targeted in my life. I still receive hurtful comments on the things that I post. 

Growing up, one of the first things that I learned was confidence (and growing up on Destiny’s Child you catch on pretty quick). I always focused on loving myself before anyone else. If you don’t love yourself, flaws and all, who will? I have learned through this that when the light is brought upon yourself people talk good and bad.

When people first started to slam me online I wanted to just take down the video and delete everything that had to do with it. But, it gave me a better view on things. It honestly is so sad to see that people have to bring others down to make them feel better. I am so glad that I kept the video up because I have gotten so many opportunities from it and it got my name out there in the makeup world.

Life is about risks and taking chances. You have to put yourself out there sometimes to see what life has to offer. This ended up becoming a learning experience and helped me to push myself even harder. I have always been very driven and goal oriented. But, after this is made me hustle harder and want to prove that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I cannot wait to show the world all of the upcoming projects and people that I will be working with. Stay true to yourself and who you are and you can do anything.

I hope that from this I can help other girls become bosses and gain self love and care less what other people think/say.


Have you fallen in love with Alexis’ strong spirit yet? Love her fierce makeup skills?

Follow her fun:

Instagram: alexisoakley or makeupbyalexisoakley Twitter: alexisssoakley

Keep fighting for what is right, Alexis! Never let anyone dull your confidence!


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