The College Admissions Process: My Saving Grace


Endless emotions. Three words. Two outcomes. One big decision.
I am literally going crazy. Insane. My mind has colored its hair, got glasses, and gained weight just to avoid being recognized. That is how stressed I am about this whole process.
My stress level is honestly pointless. I know where I want to end up (and most likely will end up), I know what I want to do, and I know exactly how to get to that point. So why am I stressing? Because I, like most high school seniors, am trying to balance school, a social life (its senior year for crying out loud), a job (in my case eight), and filling out the Common App all while trying to relax and enjoy our last year of breakfast in bed and 24 hour laundry service (shout out to my lovely parents).

My only saving grace is my brilliant friend Lily who co-found and runs The Prospect, “a rad college admissions and college/high school lifestyle website”. I am oh so thankful Lily has put up with my countless emails and has graciously helped me compress my 1300 word essay into the max limit of 650.

Being a perfectionist literally sucks when it comes to filling out the Common App. I have reread and rewrote my “Actives” section at least 12 times. While doing so, I turn to The Prospect and their awesome “Common App How To” articles. I wanted to share with y’all the one’s I keep referring to over and over again:
Writing this post has been a great break from staring at my personal statement. Unfortunately, I am still staring at a computer screen and I think my eyes may fall out in three.. two.. uh I can’t see where the o,n, and e keys are. Just kidding!
If you are a high school senior applying to colleges, I hoped these links helped you out! If you have any specific questions about the college admissions process, be sure to tune into The Prospect’s Twitter Monday’s at 9PM EST for their #TPtalks If you are a wee bit older than I am and are applying to graduate school, be sure to check out Lily’s newest project, The GrAdmit.
Keep your sanity, keep breathing, and keep things covered up.

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