The 50 Clothing Items Every College Girl Needs || A Guest Post

Since I am leaving for High Point University’s Summer Experience Program on Saturday, I have been super stumped on what to pack for school. I asked my beautiful, talented, and smart friend Alexis to create a packing list of everything any college girl will need for college!
Hello! My name is Alexis and I’m a sophomore at Pace University in Westchester County, New York. I’m studying Communications with minors in Public Relations and Marketing. Mandy asked me to do some guest posts, and so today I’m talking about one of my favorite things: clothing.
The transition from high school clothing to college clothing may be miniscule, but by adding a couple pieces to your wardrobe can make your college fashions much better. I’ve created a list of 50 things that I made sure I had with me when making the transition between high school and college.
First off, we have the every day clothing. These are the items that you will wear regularly – from going to class, coffee and study dates, and hanging out with friends.
I would suggest some of the basics that you can wear many different ways, such as a black long sleeve shirt (currently on sale for $8!), button up shirts (Gap has great ones!), and thin sweaters. These items are easy to layer with and are very versatile. Other great top additions would be a black and white striped long sleeve, a Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top in a fun color, and a denim top. Make sure you have a wide array of cardigans to throw over the top of these.
This is where you play it safe with some classic skinnies! Find a brand that you love, and while you’re at it you should stock up on a pair of black and white skinny jeans (Check out Mandy’s favorite pair of white skinnies for $54!). Purchase some fun Lilly Pulitzer, skater and maxi skirts to throw on quickly with a plain top and make a cute outfit. If you want to have fun with your bottoms, try some fun patterned shorts or bright colored chino shorts.
Stick with some plain t-shirt dresses or simple detailed dresses. Check out places such as Lilly Pulitzer, Monday Dress, or Modcloth for cute and conservative dresses.
No matter where you live, it’s bound to get a slight chill as we get to the winter months. If you’re lucky and live where it doesn’t get too chilly, purchase some J.Crew vests for layering over sweaters. For the spring months, a cute jean jacket over bright dresses makes for a cute and casual outfit. If you’re like me and live where snow is around you 6 months of the year, then it would be a good idea to pack a sophisticated trench coat or peacoat.
As a college student, you’re bound to have days where you simply don’t feel like waking up and putting on cute clothes. If you know you’re going to spend six hours in the library, you’re not going to want to be sitting there in a dress – trust me. Casual clothing is a must for all college student.
One piece of advice – don’t bring too much that it’s all you ever want to wear to class!
Casual Study Outfits:
Everyone knows the one thing that every girl is obsessed with wearing: leggings. Definitely bring some for lounging around and athletic ones for when you finally get to the gym. Nike shorts, or Norts, are also fundamental for studying and running errands. They’re bright and fun so they don’t make you look like you just rolled out of bed. We all have those thick sweatshirts we’ve received from random events, but leave those at home. Purchase a ¼ zip sweatshirt, preferably with your monogram on it! Throw this on in the morning with Norts, a baseball cap, and Converse and you’re all set for a day at the library. (Check out Mandy’s favorite t-shirts!)
Thankfully, college isn’t just about sleeping, studying, and eating. On campus, there are usually plenty of different events to attend. Between football games, formals, conferences, workshops, you’re bound to have special events. This requires clothes for that!
Game days: 
Unless you’re in a city, you will probably have football games on your campus, and they will be huge! Make sure you have game day dresses to show off your pride for your school. This includes dresses, bows, and other accessories in your school colors.
Business events:
Going to college means you’re one step closer to being an adult, which means an adult job. There are going to be conferences and workshops on your campus (which I highly suggest you attending – networking, duh!). This means pack up all your pencil skirts, blazers, plain white button downs, and professional dresses. (Mandy here- I highly suggest checking out Banana Republic for all of your Business attire needs! They offer a student discount and have great sales!)
Formal events:
As a sorority girl, I’m always going to different formal events. Even if you’re not in an sorority, you’re bound to need some nicer clothing every once in a while. Make sure you pack at least one or two cocktail dresses, and definitely make sure you have a go-to little black dress!
So now that we’ve pretty much tackled all the big things of your wardrobe, it’s the small details that you’ll really need to make it complete. This includes your shoes and accessories!
For summer, it’s pretty easy. Pack your favorite Jack Rogers, cute wedges, Sperrys, and any fun flats. Keep autumn fun with your go-to Tory Burch flats, cowboy boots for game days, and heeled booties. When winter finally rolls around, break out your tall riding boots and L.L. Bean duck boots. A pair of nude and black heels are always necessary for any special events!
Lastly we have your beautiful accessories. Purses are important, so make sure you have an every day purse, a tote bag or weekender bag for any trips, and an over the shoulder bag for quick trips. Accessorize your outfits with statement necklaces, bows, patterned scarves, and skinny belts. Every girl needs their traditional accessories, so make sure you have a pair of pearl earrings, a pearl necklace, statement watch, and sunglasses (enter to win your next favorite statement necklace from Trend-Tribe here!). These last couple of items will be what you live in, so make sure they’re products that are sturdy and will last.
If you have these 50 items, your closet will be all set for college! Pack all of these and a couple of your favorite clothing pieces and you’ll be fashionable, conservative, and perfect for your first year at college.
Shop everything you’ll need for college below!
Thanks for guest posting, Alexis! You have made packing for school oh so much easier!
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!
Stay quirky,

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