#TenWeeksInTampa || Week One

Change is good, its scary, its hard, its emotional, its weird. Sometimes it happens suddenly and catches you off guard. But change has to happen. Its something we are forced to embrace. Though forced, we ultimately decided whether or not we want the change to have a positive or negative connotation. And sometimes that decision involves a little bit of both.

You may often read the lines, “here’s the truth about ___,” followed by a bold statement. You may often read those lines here on my blog, and you are about to read them once again. Here’s the truth about change, it is what you make it. You cannot fight it, so you might as well embrace it. Maybe that’s a bit too cliche for me to say. But that’s about all I know.

Right now, I am experiencing a lot of change. A new job, a new state, a new group of friends. It’s weird. It’s scary. But it’s apart of growing up.

I have lived through my first week of my 8-5 big girl corporate job at Ashley Furniture. Going in, I was not too nervous about my abilities in the role (I really have no clue what eCommerce is so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain). Instead, I was more nervous about the people I was about to meet and spend my summer with. I’m not sure how this ended up, but out of 14 interns, 12 are girls. And let me just say, its empowering. Its empowering to know that a company in the historically male dominated furniture industry is entrusting their faith to a group of 12 women and two men. Pretty cool, right? I’ll take it.

Our group of interns are incredible. Absolutely incredible. We are unapologetically ourselves and confident in our quirks. We are outgoing and have a desire to learn. And we all love Ashley Furniture.

So far we are off to a great start (and celebrated at Bar Taco). I am loving Tampa, loving my apartment (tour to come!) and loving work. Not loving my 6am alarm but hey, at least there’s coffee.

Here’s to nine more weeks in Tampa!



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