#TenWeeksInTampa || Week 2

The longer I’m out of the South, the more I miss it. Though Florida technically is the “South,” its no North Carolina. The area, and state even, lacks the charm found in the Carolina’s. Where it lacks, it makes up for in traffic, people and things to do. There’s positives to every situation, especially when you treat everything as a learning opportunity.


I do love living in Florida. Everything is so new to me that everyday is fun and exciting. Literally everyday. From the coffee and grocery stores to the ever so sunny weather – there is always something for me to learn.

I think the thing I dislike most about Tampa is the dang traffic. Going 10 minutes take 30+ minutes and I have almost gotten in one too many car accidents to actually count. I’ve also managed to take a few wrong turns and go down the most random paths. Its most certainly an adventure. Thank goodness I carpool with a few of the interns or I would literally have a heart-attack while driving!

On Friday of this week I get to transition into my corporate position. eCommerce Site Merchandising is a new domain for me (pun intended). I have absolutely no clue what I will be doing, but I am excited to learn and experience a new area of a business.

I was able to see my desk space today. It came with a “welcome” sign covered in flamingos. I think I’m going to really like it here. I’m off to Disney this weekend for the first time since I was six-years-old!! Stay tuned for a recap post!!


Don’t forget to read all about week one here.

Stay tuned for Week Three!!

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