#TenWeeksInTampa || The End

Somehow I didn’t cry.


It was a miracle, really. I don’t know how I managed to walk out of the office without going through a box of tissues. I had tears in my eyes and a heavy heart as I closed the door to the most amazing few months of my life.


Looking back on who I was at the beginning of May, I can’t help but smile. As a young girl just entering her 20’s, living 2,000 miles away from home, on your own, is not an easy task. Luckily I had a car, an apartment and an urge to explore.


A lot of learning took place over the past few months. Both personal and professionally. Perhaps the most important lesson that have learned is how beautiful life can be if you take risks.

When I dreamt of my first “big girl job,” I pictured myself being stressed, kicking butt and most of all, being happy. I’ve had a lot of career aspirations in my life; from ballet dancer to chef, from writer to saleswoman. But never a career in eCommerce. Never a career in buying.

The moment I was offered the internship in eCommerce, I wanted to run. Me? In eComm? What even is eComm? I had so many questions and so many doubts.

Its not like me to lack confidence, at least to the extent that I did back in May. I was scared to enter the corporate world. Scared. Though I would never show my nerves.

I am leaving this summer excited, inspired, and most of all in awe of the possibilities at Ashley Furniture.

So thank you. Thank you Tampa Bay for letting me call you home. Thank you to my new friends who are always up for tacos. Thank you for being loyal readers through my busiest times. Thank you to my lovely team at work for making each day fun and each moment special. And most of all, thank you to Ashley Furniture. For everything.


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