No one has ever thrown me a surprise party before. Mainly because my parents and friends all know how type-A I am and how much I love being in control… especially when it comes to planning parties. I had a giant 13th birthday party and picked out the gold glitter in the confetti because it did not go with my color scheme. I think my mother has learned a thing or two over the past 18 years of raising me because I would not have done a single thing differently at my party. (Except leave the raspberries out of my cake! Unfortunately, that was out of her control.)
They win the Pulitzer Prize for being the best friends ever.
By some miracle, my parents and best friends were able to throw me a Lilly Pulitzer themed surprise birthday party at my country club (which overlooks the historic, famous, and beautiful Pinehurst No. 2 golf course) without me figuring it out. And I figure everything out. I mean everything. I could have so easily ruined the surprise for myself. Luckily (and unluckily) my friends are such good lairs and managed to keep me busy all week.
The day of my surprise party, I got lunch with the most adorable Wallace! I now know that Wallace was unable to attend my party and took me out to lunch as a distraction to allow everyone to get everything in place for the night. We ended our afternoon together at our local Lilly store, where I ran into a few more of my friends and their mother. I did not really think anything of it since Pinehurst is a small town and we are all obsessed with Lilly. Turns out, they were not actually shopping for Easter dresses but instead dresses for my party. In fact, most everyone got new Lilly for my party. That is, everyone but me. They also bought my gift while I was there and I had no clue any of this happened. Everyone had their mothers in on the lie, too. Again, I am lucky (and unlucky) that my friends are such good lairs.
Two of my closest friends, Lizzy and Savannah, and I were all born in April. Every year the three of us dress up in Lilly and go out for tea where we exchange gifts for our birthdays. I invited a few of our other friends along, but of course they had other plans. I am so used to my friends being busy and honest that I believed them! Turns out it was a lie to keep me from finding out about the party. I was told we were having dinner at the Pinehurst Members Club with Lizzy’s parents and that my parents were meeting us up at the club to take pictures. I kept wanting to take pictures with the tulips but Lizzy and Savannah refused to go out back (where the party was). I honestly thought nothing more of it. As we preceded to walk into our private dinning room (I thought we were eating in the room because we had such a big group) I saw balloons (that I thought Lizzy’s parents provided because they are always doing cute things like that) and heard Taylor Swift. I think I said something along the lines of “Is this a birthday party?”.  It still was not clear to me that this was a surprise party. My surprise party. After what seemed like the longest time, my friends, who I about balled my eyes out saying goodbye to early in the day, popped out of a corner and screamed “SURPRISE”!
Thats when it hit me. I thought I had the most amazing parents and best friends, but this night proved just how special they are. What I love most about my home is who I share it with. Any doubt I had about permanently moving to Pinehurst in June has been abolished for good. Even though last Friday was not my official birthday, I was so touched and honored to celebrate becoming a legal adult with my most favorite people in the world. My heart was, and is still, warmed by how generous and thoughtful my best friends and parents are. As the saying goes, Lilly girls are the best in the world and I could not agree anymore.
Below are a few of my favorite pictures!
The cake was both gluten and dairy free and came as a big surprise to me. The pastry chef at the Pinehurst Resort is known as one of the best for a reason. The cake was amazing!
Cake with a multi-million dollar view and the adorable Carson. Nothing could be better!


When I finish writing this blog post I am going to write a “thank you” letter to the chef. He worked with my mother to create a mouth watering quinoa and squash dish that is Fodmap free for me, and yummy food for my friends! Sweet potato fries are everyone’s favorites and I was craving them major on Friday.
Surprise here- everyone bought me Lilly. My friends really do know me well.
In all honesty, I would have been fine with no gifts. The fact that the people who mean most to me got together to celebrate my birthday was enough.
Special thanks to Pink of The Pines for hinting at my friends what I have been eyeing in store! 
My favorite decoration was the photo boards. I was touched that everyone picked out their favorite pictures with me and it was a lovely little walk down memory lane.
I was oh so excited that Rachel showed up after church! She is one of the kindest and compassionate girls I have ever met and was actually one of my very first friends down in Pinehurst! Fun fact: we met over a ballet summer intensive and now neither of us dance.
A special shout out to my two fabulous parents for the most amazing surprise of my life. I am incredibly lucky to have been raised by the two of you.
Remember to keep things covered up.
(You know you want to)
Pinehurst Elite & The Quirky Conservative

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  1. Reply
    Stephanie Nguyen
    April 6, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Happy birthday! It looks like you had a ton of fun and those sweet potato fries look so good!


  2. Reply
    Hannah Payne
    April 6, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    SO SO SO SWEET! Looked like a wonderful party! Especially love that last pic!

    Practically Imperfect

  3. Reply
    Southwestern Prepster
    April 6, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Aww, what a wonderful surprise! Glad you had a wonderful day – looks like it was so much fun! That last picture of you and all of your friends on the steps is my favorite – it's so cute, and especially convenient that you were all wearing green!!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

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