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Sunshine is the best medicine!

I was asked the other day to describe my week in terms of the weather, and the actual forecast was pretty spot on for my life. I have been frozen along with the weather.
I have been frozen in thought, I have hit a rut in the road. I am at a place where I have all of these ideas flowing through me but I am not exactly sure where to begin, therefore I do not. There are so many different topics and experience I want to write about but I cannot find the proper words to create the proper sentences.
The forecast for the end of the week showed warmer weather. The same was true for my life. On Wednesday, my family and I packed up the car and drove down to our home in Pinehurst, North Carolina. This trip is bittersweet. It is bitter because this is my final vacation until I move to the South permanently. And sweet because this is my final vacation until I move to the South permanently.
I have mixed emotions about my Spring Break because of this. I like to say that I am sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling, therefore I choose to have the glass half full attitude and celebrate that I only have a few short months left to go before I am living year round in my most favorite place on earth! Just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of my view from lunch today (pictured above).
Despite the temperature, today is the first day that it has actually felt like Spring in both my life and the forecast. Though I will take the 50 degree weather we are experiencing in North Carolina over the 36 degrees in Michigan, I still cannot wait for it will be warm enough to drink iced tea outside and not get the chills.
What is the forecast for your life?
Enjoy each incredible moment Spring has to offer and, as always, keep things covered up.

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    Southwestern Prepster
    March 29, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    Ahhh, that view is amazing! I've definitely noticed that the weather can have a major effect on your attitude that day, and I'm so glad that it's sunny skies for us down here!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

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