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Summer Best Buys You Can Wear Into the Fall

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

It’s halfway through summer, and you want to add to your summer wardrobe. But, you think, what if you don’t get much wear out of your new clothes before fall arrives? You’ll have to put them away for next year. Fortunately, you don’t have to obey the rules of the seasons. Something might be labeled for summer, but you can wear it at any time of the year. If you’re thinking of doing some summer clothes shopping now, you might want to choose pieces that you can seamlessly transition when fall arrives and even wear into winter.

Pretty Summer Dresses

You can’t go wrong with a summer dress. They’re floaty, light and comfortable, but they look chic and feminine too. And when summer is over, it’s super easy to start layering up and keep wearing them. Just take a dress from, and add some tights or leggings, or perhaps some long boots. Layer on a cardigan or a jacket if it’s starting to get cold. It’s super easy to turn a summer dress into an outfit for fall or winter.

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Bright Whites

White is always a great summer shade, making you positively glow in the sun. But who says it has to be a summer color only? They say not to wear white after Labor Day, but that only matters if you’re one to pay attention to the fashion rules. If you’re not ready to put away your favorite white dress or shirt, add some bold colors when you layer up to make it fall-ready.


You can only wear sandals for so long before it gets too cold (depending on where you live, of course). However, you don’t have to put them away as soon as there’s the first hint of cloud in the sky. Keep wearing them until it’s too cold (or wet) to do so. They can look great with a smart pair of pants, jeans or a longer skirt or dress. Just, please, not with socks.

Flowing Shirts

A floaty shirt is a comfortable option for summer, especially if you want to cover up without getting too hot. If you want to carry them into the fall, there are plenty of ways to keep them looking good. Try adding a vest to a long-sleeved shirt or even a sleeveless trench coat or cardigan to show off some bright sleeves.

Breezy Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are summer favorites too, even though they can be a bit awkward to get in and out of. But if you’re happy dealing with the bathroom struggles they induce, you’re sure to love how they make you look. They can still look awesome in fall and winter, and you only need a layer or two to stave off the chill. If it’s starting to get super cold, you might consider wearing some layers underneath too, whether you go for not particularly flattering thermals or just some tights and an extra top.

There’s no need to resist your summer shopping urges if you feel like some new things. Buy something new now, and you can wear it for the rest of the year.

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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