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Strange Things Most Women Don’t Realize Helps Their Skin

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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Regarding skin, there are basic rules women try to follow. They include:

–    Removing makeup

–    Washing your face

–    Using alcohol-free products; and

–    Moisturizing daily

For the most part, we like to stick to the tried and tested methods because they seem to work. There is no doubt the skin gleams when it is moist and free of dirt and grime. Still, it doesn’t mean the weird and wonderful features of life don’t have an impact. The reality is they, and sometimes, they are as effective as the methods which have been around for decades.

Here are a few examples.


There is nothing strange about sex, other than the impact it has on your skin. Let’s face it – no one thinks about breakouts or acne during the act. But, research suggests a healthy sex life can banish spots and pimples for good. It revolves around the chemicals released during intercourse which help to reduce swelling and inflammation by fighting back. Plus, there’s the fact these hormones lead to moist skin. Last but not least, there’s the immune system boost, and that prevents skin-based illnesses. So, now you have more than one reason to stay sexually active for longer.

Vodka & Aspirin

Drinking alcohol usually leads to outbreaks, so conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t bother with vodka. In reality, this liquor is an anomaly because it gets deep into the pores and acts as a cleanser. Also, it minimizes them so that dirt can’t enter as easily. All you have to do is mix water with vodka to create a miracle cosmetic solution. Crush up an aspirin and mix it with the Russian drink if you want to reduce redness and spots. The alcohol and pill work together to fight the swelling and eliminate spots.

An Attorney

How on earth can a lawyer help your skin? Well, there’s the lawsuit scenario. Heaven forbid you’re ever in an accident, an attorney will fight to secure compensation. Then, the money can go towards treatment depending on the incident. More likely, however, is that you’ll be stressed by legal action. When this happens, and stats suggest it will, a personal injury lawyer can reduce the tension which causes droopy, slack, red skin. There are lots of ways to relieve pressure, but there is only one when you’re locked in a legal battle: an expert in law.

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Choc is junk food and part of the reason you hate your skin, or so you think. In actuality, the right chocolate can moisturize the skin and increase the blood flow. When there is plenty of the red stuff flowing through your veins, the benefits are almost endless. For instance, in the summer, it helps to limit the damage of sun radiation. The type of chocolate you want is the stuff which has over 75% cocoa as it’s the bean which contains the healthy properties. Anything else is sugar and cream and they aren’t helpful.

Did you know these secrets? Well, you do now!

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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