Snapshots Of Summer: Week Six || A Week Of Firsts

Over the past week I have experienced a lot of firsts:
Like my first time at Barberitos, a High Point favorite. Everyone is right, Chipotle does not even stand a chance to Barbs!
On Tuesday I went to our on campus four-course stake house! I have been dreaming of my first time taking a picture in front of the 1924 Prime sign.
My friend Ethan and I were twinning for Prime so obviously we had to take a picture!
Normally, 1924 Prime has gluten free and vegan options. Since its the Summer term, their menu is smaller. I ended up having to have the kitchen create my own dish of a baked potato and sautéed veggies!


The Great Day Bakery on campus is another High Point favorite. I had a delicious salad with a side of chips on Tuesday and a gluten free sandwich on Friday!
My gal pals and I were in desperate need of a shopping trip on Saturday. This is what four girls, graduation money, build-up stress and one afternoon equals:


On Sunday, I celebrated my blog’s first birthday party! My friends and I gathered behind the School of Communications to celebrate the occasion. Having my favorite photographer, Alexandra, there to photograph my party made the afternoon that much more special.  I absolutely cannot believe that my one year blog-a-versary is on Tuesday!
And last but not least… the winner of my very first giveaway with Trend Tribe just so happens to be Miss Grace Hincapié (who wrote this awesome guest post a few weeks ago)! Congratulations, Grace! Enjoy your stunning new necklace!
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!
Stay quirky!

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