Snapshots Of Summer: Week Seven || It’s Almost Time To Leave Heaven

Three full weeks of Summer Experience down, four more days to go. Oh gosh, I just got really sad after writing that sentence out. I am not ready to leave High Point (even though I will be returning for the Fall semester in three short weeks).

This past week most certainly has been heavenly. For starters….

TQC turned One on Tuesday!
And we celebrated with a party on Sunday and a dinner at our Steak house.
Prime was pretty on (high) point Tuesday night!


As was dinner at President Qubein’s on Wednesday.


And my strawberry, banana, and chocolate smoothie with coconut milk from Starbucks. I am officially obsessed. It rocked my tastebuds.
The last Friday night of Summer Experience was one to remember!
Per request, my friend Will finally made it on my blog!


And my friend Kevin and I were kinda, sorta twinning… we seem to do this often.


I am really going to miss High Point and my friendships formed during the past few weeks!


We attempted to have a glow party on Saturday night…
Although that plan lasted a good 20 minutes.


(Hi again, Will!)
On Sunday I headed to Charlotte for my weekly dose of Lilly.
I got so excited to see Lilly I actually ran up to the dresses!


I am obsessed with the new Lilly Snapchat filters!


The lady at Vineyard Vines gave me a few extra goodies and I am oh so excited about it!


Here’s hoping the next four days are filled with motivation to study for finals (ew), laughter, memories, and maybe sleep.
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!
Stay Quirky!


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    Grace Hincapie
    July 20, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Wow, it seems like you just got there!! I've loved keeping up with your High Point journeys! Oh I didn't even know you could get a smoothie from Starbucks!

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