Snapshots of 2016

Contrary to the now popular belief that 2016 was completely and utterly terrible, I argue that 2016 was indeed one of the most amazing years of my life. I spent the year traveling to visit old friends, experiencing crazy opportunities, gaining inspiration from moguls and having so much fun!  It was filled with many “Pinch me!” moments:

Joining my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta and becoming Vice President of Campus Relations (PR nerd right here!)

Landing my killer internship (I’ll be celebrating one year there soon!)

Showing my favorite Cali girl, Hannah, around the South

Meeting Steve Woz, co-founder of Apple

Venturing to Jamaica with my favorite blonde

President-Elect Trump campaigning at HPU

Finally going to Charleston, not once but three times

Walking in a charity fashion show at school

Being inspired at the HerCampus Conference


This meal (can I have it shipped to me?)

Spending the 4th of July in DC with old friends

Discovering Good Girl Cookies

Finding this cute coffee shop 

Attending the PRSSA Conference in Indianapolis

Job shadowing at Cosmopolitan Magazine (pinch me again please)

Seeing Hannah AGAIN!!

Here’s to you 2017! Let’s see if you can top 2016.


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