Quirky and Conservative

Recently, I wrote a guest post for the very lovely Marissa! I was oh so excited to write a post on the backstory on why I dress the way I do. (And I’m a big fan of Marissa’s blog, please check it out. You won’t be sorry.) I feel the message of this post is very important and wanted to share it with all of my lovely readers! 
Without further ado….
Conservative doesn’t mean boring.
Nor does it mean I am self conscious, have over-protective parents, or am a member of the Duggar family.
When I tell people I dislike showing off my chest, I always seem to get the same weird reaction. They tell me that I don’t need to be ashamed of my body and should feel comfortable showing it off. A little part of me laughs/cries when that happens – I just don’t believe that exposing your body exudes confidence. I guess you could argue that showing off your body shows you’re comfortable in your skin, but do you ever stop to think that girls might only feel self-assured because of the compliments and attention they are receiving? I strongly believe that keeping things conservative screams confidence! Showing that you are so comfortable in your own skin and with your own personality to feel sexy is why I dress conservatively.
My idea of keeping covered up comes from my belief that person’s personality should take center-stage. To me, a personality is way more important than looks, but saving a little bit to the imagination doesn’t necessarily mean you have to wear skirts past your knees and turtle-neck sweaters. Look girls (and guys if you’re reading this), there are plenty of dresses that show off my womanly figure (and I would consider make me look very sexy) that do not have plunging neck-lines or high hem-lines. My whole wardrobe is filled with cable-knit sweaters, brightly colored scarves, oxfords and cardigans that allow me to express my personality without exposing my body. I always count on brands like J. CrewKate SpadeLilly PulitzerVineyard Vines and Ralph Lauren to provide me with conservative, yet quirky, pieces to add to my wardrobe. When putting together outfits, I always make a point to wear pieces that are flattering on my body. I love layering a plain sweater with a fun scarf, button my oxford all the way up and add a statement necklace to my ensemble, or pairing a plain shirt with colored pants!  I think another misconception of dressing conservatively is that you need to wear baggy clothes – I totally disagree. I love throwing on my leggings or skinny jeans, a long-sleeved t-shirt, and sweater that covers my butt like the outfit in the pictures below.
Pants || Vineyard Vines Shirt || Ann Taylor   Shoes || Cole Haan  Sweater || Ralph Lauren Outlet
Socks || Ralph Lauren  Necklace || Moon and Lola  Purse || Cole Haan, Similar 

Bracelet || Kate Spade


The bottom line here is being conservative doesn’t mean you have to dress boring or like your grandmother. Being conservative, to me at least, means allowing your personality to take center-stage.
Remember ladies (and gents): you should not have to rely on a risqué outfit to give you a confidence boost. The world will accept your personality – including all your quirks – regardless of how much you choose to keep covered up!

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    January 13, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    I agree! It takes confidence to be different and I feel like modesty is so undervalued in our society.

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