Put On Your Best Party Dress And Dine At The President’s!

Last night, I put on a dress (Lilly of course!) and I dined at my president’s house!
President Qubein and I!
Have you ever had one of those moments where you really want to sit down and write but you cannot seem to find the right words to capture how you are feeling? Yeah, I am experiencing that right now.
Since I have so many food allergies, Campus Concierge created a separate plate for me. I had a delicious salad topped with tofu!
Last night, I had the privilege of dining at the President of High Point University’s house! Most students are lucky to even shake their university president’s hand, let alone have a conversation with him/her. President Qubein graciously invited 120+ students over to his house, fed us dinner, and sent us home with a hat.
The opportunities given to you at High Point University are absolutely unreal. Looking back at what I have experienced over the past few weeks, I am so incredibly speechless. I could go on and on about how blessed I am feeling at the moment- but I have chosen not to. Its not that I do not feel it is important to be grateful for the life you are living, because I am. Its more so that I cannot figure out what exactly I want to say.  I think I am still in the process of absorbing everything around me.


I guess what I should be saying is thank you… to God, to my parents, to my new friends, to my new teachers, and most importantly to President Qubein for creating a truly extraordinary university. I am beyond blessed to call HPU my home!
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!
Stay quirky!


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