Pumpkin Spice Up My Uniform: Feeling Fall Link-Up

DSC06367.jpgYou hear the word “uniform” and automatically think plaid, khaki and boring. Trust me, I was not happy when I heard I’d be going to a school where I had three possible outfit combinations (it would be five but I refuse to wear our gross orange polo shirts). To be completely honest, most of the outfits I put together only work because my uniform is soooo basic. Some of the accessories I wear to school I can swap out my uniform and make them work. Take my favorite fall boots for example…..
Yes, those are orange sequin Uggs. Yes, my school colors are orange and blue. And yes, I live in Michigan and when I took these pictures on Tuesday, October 7th, it was 48ish degrees outside. Any who, I love my orange sequin Uggs because they are the perfect way to pumpkin spice up my uniform! They have actually survived three harsh winters and look good as new! Special thanks to the sequins for being so durable!
My second big tip for pumpkin spicing up your uniform is to add a scarf. I’m a big girly girl and I struggle to wear my favorite bright colors in the Fall and Winter. Parting with my beloved summer Lilly Pulitzer is heartbreaking to me, but I believe I found a solution to this issue! Shoes can make or break the outfit and are key when it comes to transitioning your favorite pieces from season to season. I think its all about how you tie in your scarf with your shoes. In this outfit, I am wearing my favorite Lilly scarf, True Blue Loves Me, and my cozy orange sequin Uggs!
True Blue Loves Me is one of my favorite Lilly prints! It’s has darker colors that makes transitioning from season to season effortless. The pattern has navy, orange and a few different shades of green and pink, making my    sweater options endless.
A few of my lovely blogger friends JamieLaura, and Carrie came up with the amazing idea to do a  #FeelingFallLinkUp! To participate in the linkup, I was required to answer a a few questions (my answers are below)! I had oh so much fun running around my drab little town in Michigan taking outfit pictures. My friend and I took 429 pictures and narrowed it down to a few of our favorites!
What is your favorite fall tend?
Boots!! I love my Uggs so much I’ll wear them around my house in the summer! Sad, I know. There is just something about having my feet submerged in fur that makes me oh so happy.
What is my favorite fall Starbucks drink?
Call me basic, but my favorite fall Starbucks drink is a skinny vanilla latte- extra hot please! SVL aren’t just an obsession, they literally act as gasoline. SVL are what fuels my body. Side note: I feel like I should be saying my favorite Fall Starbucks drink is a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but I can only handle a few a year. The chemicals just don’t settle well with my stomach. Plus they are a bit sweet for my liking!
If you could only wear one pair of boots for this whole season, which pair would they be?
If you can’t already guess my answer to that question, you must only skim through my blog. The obvious answer is my Uggs! And if I had to choose a color, I’d pick my baby pink sequin Uggs. They match practically everything in my closet!

What is your favorite Fall activity?
My favorite Fall activity is volunteering! I guess thats not an activity specific to Fall…. but Summer and Fall are the seasons I volunteer most in! I love going into my local Catholic Charities and helping them unpack their coat closets and get everything ready for the Winter. Sadly, I’ve been so wrapped up in the college admissions process that I’ve only been able to make it out to the Catholic Charities once this Fall.

#FeelingFallLinkUp is brought to you by the oh so wonderful JamieLaura, and Carrie! Be sure to check out their blogs to see a list of other bloggers who participated in the link-up! (Plus they all have really cute outfit pictures)

I hope if you’re struggling with how to pumpkin spice up your uniform, this posts helps! Try adding a scarf, going crazy with your boots, wearing a fun colored pair of tights, or whipping on an adorable headband! As long as you’re not breaking dress code, have some fun with your uniform!
Stay cozy, stay quirky, and stay covered up!

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  1. Reply
    Carrie Carlisle
    October 11, 2014 at 9:04 am

    I am in love with your outfit Mandy!!! The Lilly scarf is perfect! So happy you joined our linkup!


  2. Reply
    Alexandria Eisenhardt
    October 11, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    My Gosh you are so cute! Love the outfit!


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