Pop Your Uber Cherry By Getting Past These First-Time Fears

Uber, like Netflix and FOMO, is now part of our everyday language. Forget traditional taxis; you can now order a car from your phone at a moment’s notice. Understandably, the convenience of this service is going down a storm with our millennials, some of whom order two or more a day. Even the older generation are starting to come around to the new kids on the block.

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Some of us, though, are still reluctant to give phone-based cars a shot. Uber horror stories like those floating about on put us off the pursuit. And, besides, how much do you know about the people who work for these companies? Surely it’s better to stick with a cab company you know and trust?

In truth, taxis are a better choice for some. But, the convenience of companies like Uber means they’re at least worth some attention. You would undoubtedly struggle to get a taxi as fast if you live in the city. Hence why we’re going to put some first-time fears to rest, so that you feel strong enough to pop that Uber cherry.

Can I trust an Uber driver?

Taxicab drivers come with a whole host of background checks. They also have the backing of a reputable company. What do Uber drivers have? While Uber does check criminal background and driving history, many such checks only go back seven years. Perhaps that’s why those horror stories come about. Note, though, that all Uber drivers have reviews on the app itself. To be on the safe side, make sure of all positive reviews before booking. What could be better for putting your mind at ease than a backlog of happy customers?

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What happens if my Uber crashes?

When considering that many driving checks only go back seven years, it’d be fair to ask what happens if you crash. After all, near enough anyone can sign up for Uber. Luckily, there are things to put your mind at ease. For one, there are lawyers out there, like those found at, who can help you gain compensation if the worst happens. For another, you can rest pretty easy that many Uber drivers rely on their cars to make a living. As such, the majority have a decent incentive to take care on the roads.

Will my Uber definitely turn up on time?
Lastly, you may have concerns about timing. As can be seen on sites like, customers have already made complaints about waiting times shooting up after booking. How, then, can you trust an Uber to get you where you need to go on time? Your best bet here is to book in advance. The app now allows you to schedule a car for a set time up to thirty days before you need it. It’s also worth leaving yourself a decent window if you have an important meeting. But, then, those of us who live in the city are in the habit of doing this anyway. So, what’s stopping you?

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