Playing Catch Up // Celebrating Four Years of Blogging !!


I used to have a lot of words to say.


But then things changed.


For as long as I can remember I have been Mandy, the girl with the blog. My blog has become a part of my identity. It is the ground from which my career was built and I have loved every second of this crazy, beautiful ride.


You may have noticed that my last blog post was from January. Maybe you have wondered where the heck I have been.  If you have been following along on my Instagram, you know I have been on some pretty big adventures! I’ll be recapping my trips to New York, Florida and Spain!!! in the weeks to come. Though I have been living life outside of my computer, I haven’t forgotten about my blog.


Last semester, the demands of an internship and school became too much. I ditched my blog in order to focus on what was most important to me at that time.  But while doing that, I lost track of what made me, well, me. My blog is an essential part of my identity.

It only seems fitting that on the fourth anniversary of the creation of my blog, I announce the rebirth of my website.


I have been blessed with four years of blog posts, collaborations, a stationary line, and a few trips to New York Fashion Week (here // here). These years have been incredible. Through my blog I have met some of my best friends and interview some pretty incredible people (like Kathy Ireland!). I was able to launch a career (did you read about my past internship experiences?). The past four years I have been living my wildest dream (like this moment!). These years have been challenging and have taught me so so much about life, running a business and everything in between. These four years have been truly life changing and I am so excited for the many years to come.


Once again, I have a lot of words to say.


So sit back, relax, and start reading. We have a lot to catch up on!


(P.S. Check out this recent post about summer essentials!)


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