Opportunity + Preparation = Luck

I once heard a speaker say, “Opportunity + preparation = luck.” She stressed the importance of creating a goal, preparing for it and then seeking out opportunities that align with your goal.


This struck a chord with me.


If you are prepared for the job that you want, when the right opportunity comes along you will be ready to step up. This thought process can be applied to many situations; from sports, ballet, job searches and even taking a leadership position in a campus organization.


For me, O+P=L came into play in the least expected way.


When Level Brands contacted me to attend the launch of Kathy Ireland’s collaboration with Michael Amini during High Point Furniture Market, I was immediately excited. I am fascinated by the world of public relations, event planning and networking. I view these events as a learning opportunity more than anything.


So here I was, running between two market jobs – per usual. I never seem to be in one place at one time or only doing one thing. Multitasking is a major skill of mine.


I walked into Michael Amini’s showroom not knowing what to expect. I was really unprepared for what was to come next.


“Hey, we are going to have you interview Kathy. Make sure you mention High Point University and Level Brands.”




I did not have a moment to prepare. Not even a second to put on chapstick.


Cameras quickly surrounded me.


“Kathy, this is Mandy Engelman. She is a student at HPU and has some important questions to ask you.”


Important questions? What important questions? I had no time to think about what to ask Kathy, but I have been preparing for a moment like this forever.


All those speech competitions I participated in, all the time I spent on my middle school’s morning news show, all the interviews I have conducted for my journalism classes and my blog have prepared me for this moment.


So here I was, interviewing Kathy Ireland who was sitting on a panel alongside CEO’s and VP’s. Important people that I had to impress. Yet I had no time to process what was going on.


In the middle of my interview, Kathy stopped to applaud me on my communication skills and how confident I appeared.




I did it. I asked insightful questions. And guess what?! The interview was broadcasted live in Times Square.


When reflecting on how I managed to pull off this unreal moment, I thought back to a lesson I learned from a guest speaker.


Opportunity + preparation = luck.


I have prepared my entire life for a moment like this. I put my nerves aside and just went for it. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I had no choice but to be confident in my skill set.


And I could not be more thrilled of my accomplishment.


Thank you Level Brands and Kathy Ireland for this incredible opportunity. And thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way.




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