Opportunity + Preparation = Luck

I once heard a speaker say, “Opportunity + preparation = luck.” She stressed the importance of creating a goal, preparing for it and then seeking out opportunities that align with your goal.

This equation is something I live by.

This past week I competed at William Paterson University’s hashtagNationalSalesChallenge against 35 schools and 130 competitors. Here my team and I set six school records and placed 2nd overall. Individually, I placed the following:

– 2nd in the 1st round role play

– 3rd overall competitor

– 4th in the final round role play

When relating our results to the equation, O+P=L, theres no surprise we had such great success.

We spent a month preparing for this competition. I said yes to the opportunity. But I wouldn’t consider the results a matter of luck. Instead it was a cumulation of hard work, the greatest sales coach and the most supportive teammates.

Our team exemplified women helping women. We showcased the power of a positive attitude, the importance of a pre-competition dance party and that women are a force to be reckoned with.

We are the future of hashtagWomenInBusiness. And boy, the future is bright.

Special thanks to all of the sponsors and High Point University! hashtagGirlPower

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