One Piece Swimsuits Your Mother Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In

I’m not really sure what has caused the recent desire for one piece swimsuits, but I am absolutely loving this new trend! I have always been one to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. Not because I am ashamed of my body, more so because I just feel too exposed. I have grown up being told that my bra and underwear are not to be shown off, and to me, a bikini swimsuit is essentially, your bra and underwear. They look the same and they cover about the same amount of skin. Though I still swear two piece swimsuits, I always make sure to get my mother’s approval. Just as a way to ensure that my swimsuit is appropriate and that if I am around young children or adults I will not need to cover up.

Super lame, I know. But hey, I am a somewhat modest teenager who prefers not to get negative attention for her body.

The only issue with one piece swimsuits is that they often scream “I’M A MOM!!!” Haha, but really. Its super hard to find a one piece that is equal parts modest and age appropriate. Let’s be real, the amount of embarrassment I would feel if I showed up in the same swimsuit that a mother had on would be unchartable. Luckily, I have a knack for online discount shopping and have put together what I feel is a pretty darn good collection of one piece swimsuits that are totally appropriate for anyone who is not a mother. (P.S. A few swimsuits from Aerie are currently $15!) 


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