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“One Day” || Fall Launch Of Essie Nail Polish At Seventeen HQ

When I was 11 years old, my aunt and uncle moved across country to California. I discovered my cousin’s Seventeen Magazine while helping them pack.  My mother quickly snatched that issue out of my hands and jokingly stated, “I will allow you to read that when you turn 17”. As someone who struggles with being told what to do, I hid the magazine from my mother. The nights I spent reading that issue of Seventeen under the covers of my bed while I was supposed to be sleeping forever changed my life. 
I began saving every issue of Seventeen, filing my favorite articles under the appropriate section in my binder. I studied every issue, figuring out what I would change about the layouts I did not like and writing specific details about what caught my eye. I was hooked. At one point, my whole entire bedroom was covered in pages from different issues of the magazine. From the moment I held my first issue of Seventeen Magazine in my hands, I knew.  I knew that this was the type of work I wanted to end up doing. 
As I sit down at Starbucks to write this post, I am beginning to cry. I have realized that the little girl with the ever-growing imagination that I once used to be, has worked endlessly to make her dreams come true. I am now 18 years old, and I am pretty sure that it is safe to say that I have made that little girl proud. 
Attending the Fall Launch of Essie Nail Polish at Seventeen’s HQ turned my “One day” dream into a “Today” reality. Meeting my readers and bonding with other amazing bloggers and vloggers gave me chills. I was living my dream, in a room filled with other young women who were living their dreams, too. I was surrounded by other young women who willingly passed along advice, stories, and words of encouragement. And that is what I love most about blogging- the people. The people who, like me, strive to create a better, more positive world. 
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the launch party:
Essie’s 70’s Inspired Fall collection!
The view form Hearst Towers!
It’s always oh so much fun running into my favorite blogger, Carly!
My adorable reader and fellow Seventeen Social Club Member, Annie!
I dragged my adorable roommate, Erika, along for the ride!
A special thanks to Annie for taking most of these adorable pictures!
Stolen from my words from last year’s NYWF recap post:
“Attending New York Fashion Week always seemed like an unattainable goal. I’ve grown up dreaming big and falling short of my aspirations. However, when you dream as big as I do, where you fall short is still pretty cool. Thats the thing about dreams, they are attainable. Your goals can be achieved if you put your mind to it. “
Here’s to making your “One day” today. 
Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!
Stay quirky!

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