Once Bitten, Twice Shy: Can You Ever Trust A Hairstylist After Disaster?

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Going to the hairdressers is ALWAYS a nerve-wracking experience. So much so that you may have to build yourself up to even book that appointment. During the build-up, you may try to convince yourself of the hairdresser’s credentials. But, when the big day comes, disaster strikes. Your haircut is nothing like you’d hoped, and the idea of going out like that in public brings tears to your eyes. You spend the next four hours washing and restyling your hair. And, no matter how much everyone reassures you it’ll grow back, you have to face feeling self-conscious for quite a while.

Of course, this isn’t the reality of every hairdressing appointment. But, it is something we all experience at least once. And, understandably, the trauma can leave us reluctant to book another appointment. But, if your ends are so dead they need to be buried, you can’t put this off any longer. Instead, put the past behind you and move forward into a new hair future. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips to help you get back on track in the best way possible.

Only take personal recommendations


The first step to success is to only take personal recommendations for stylists. This allows you to see their work before committing. Every stylist does have a portfolio of past work. The trouble is that they’re bound to pick their best cuts. As such, it’s hardly an unbiased idea of what they do. If you can see for a fact that your friend has a fantastic cut, you can rest easy that stylist knows what they’re doing. Your friend will also be able to help you understand how that stylist works, and how well they interpret style suggestions.

Know what you want

Speaking of style suggestions, you also need a good idea of what you want before your appointment. Going into a salon and saying ‘surprise me’ is sure to end in tears. Everyone has different ideas about what looks good. Instead, make sure you have a rough idea of what you want before you even start looking for beauty salons near you. It’s also worth doing your research about how best to ask a stylist for the cut in question. Knowing the lingo will help ensure you get what you want. Make sure, too, to print off pictures to avoid any crossed wires along the way.

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Don’t be afraid to speak out

Perhaps one of the leading causes of dissatisfaction is a fear of speaking out. Even if you see a stylist doing something which worries you, the chances are that you won’t say a thing. We get it; you don’t want to diss their work. But, this relationship should be a two-way street. Your stylist depends on you to let them know whether you’re happy or not. Even if you don’t like the finished product, an open conversation can lead to tweaking and satisfaction. That’ll undoubtedly be better for everyone than if you keep quiet about something you don’t love!

Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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