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Never Eat Alone


I read an article about never eating alone. It detailed how, in the event that you are eating alone, you should ask to join another table or sit at the bar and talk to the person next to you. Our culture often feels pressured to always be with someone or doing something. It is hard for us to be alone. Over winter break, I recalled the articled.


A friend and I decided to take a weekend trip. She wasn’t feeling up to leaving the hotel room and we are only here for a night. I was in one of the top foodie destinations in America and simply could not pass up on a beautiful meal.


But I faced hesitations. As a college student, I am rarely alone. As a young woman, I often fear it. However, I pride myself on being independent and have a blog committed to promoting confidence. Fearing eating alone made me feel like a hypocrite.


Walking into the restaurant, I recalled that article and utilized the author’s advice. I sat at the bar, put my phone away and introduced myself to the woman sitting next to me. Turns out she just moved to the area and was very thankful to share a meal together.


I feel fearless, confident and most of all content. Life is short and I refused to miss out.


Take chances and don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want.


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