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Must Have Summer Essentials


It’s my favorite time of year again! The sun is shining, the days are longer and the temperature is hotter. Yes, it is finally summer! With the change of seasons comes the change in beauty products and accessories. Read on to see my favorites. (P.S. There is a checklist at the bottom of the post to make shopping easier!)


Facial Spray

There are two different kinds of spray I would recommend – one for moisture and relaxation and one that has SPF but also sets your makeup.

Mario Badescu facial spray: My personal favorite is the aloe, chamomile and lavender spray! There are two other scents: aloe, herbs and rosewater, and aloe, cucumber and green tea.  I spray this on my face and pillows every night before bed. iI’s super relaxing and provides just enough added hydration and comfort. The since it has aloe, spray is perfect for sunburnt skin! I’ve been spraying it on my body after the pool. I bought the smaller, 4 oz. bottle at Christmas and I still have half left!

Make-up setting spray: Protecting your skin with an SPF is crucial, especially in the harsh summer sun. This makeup setting spray from Kate Somerville has SPF 50 and is designed to be applied on top of your makeup and reduces shine just as a setting spray would. This spray is at a competitive price point of $38.00 (totally worth the splurge!!), but I’ve linked a few at various price points below.



Face lotion with SPF

This should be a no brainer. The sun in the summer is intense and it is important that your skin stays protected. For me, adding sunscreen on top of my makeup sounds like a sticky, heavy and greasy mess. That’s why a 2-in-1 is ideal. This year Clarins launched my favorite face lotion with sunscreen! It’s called the Multi-Active 24/7 with SPF 20. The price tad on this one is a bit high at $56, but I have been using Clarins on my face since I was a baby. My brother uses Keihl’s  Face Fuel with SPF 15 ($28.00 for the smaller size which should last all summer) and I have used Neutrogena in the past. I linked a few below of all price points.



Swell water bottle

The amount I use my Swell is borderline shameful. It is attached to my hip… literally. Since the lid never leaks, I keep my bottle in my bed, carelessly through it into my bags and keep it in my blazin hot car on a 100 degree day (the water is still cold!). It is the perfect beach and pool accessory. Plus, the 25-oz. bottle fits a full bottle of wine!  I’ve linked a few of my favorite patterns below. P.S. How CUTE are the new Lilly Pulitzer x Swell bottles?!


Corkcicle wine glass & accessories

Corkcicle takes the top spot for best insulated wine glass. It is similar to a Swell bottle, but the a lid has a cap so it is virtually spill proof. Corkcicle was founded with the intention of keeping wine at the perfect drinking temperature. My second favorite product made by this company is their Corkcicle Air – a super nifty in-bottle wine chiller.



Plastic hair ties

I’m not sure if these hair ties have a specific name, or why I took so long to buy them, but they are my latest addiction. The hair ties resemble an old-timey phone cord and the keychains my mom has been using for years. They dry off super quickly which means you can avoid having a gross wet hair tie on your wrists after the pool or beach. They don’t crimp your hair (HUGE plus!), and they help make the perfect loose bun. They come in tons of colors, but I bought clear for myself.



Polaroid camera

My friend brought one on our trip to Spain and I wish I had my own. It’s such a fun way to capture a moment! The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital is top of my list this summer. It’s cute and compact size makes it the perfect travel companion (it fits right inside my purse or jean jacket pocket!).

Phone fan

As silly as this one sound, it will come in handy! I bought this last summer and I don’t think I would have survived the Florida heat without it. It fits into the same spot that you would put your phone charger in. I use mine on my lunch breaks, whenever my car is taking too long to heat up and whenever I’m out walking and just need some extra breeze. It’s super great for wind-blown selfies too!



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