Mother Nature Calling featuring Julep Polish

Mother Nature called and she said Spring is just around the corner!
Its about time.


Ok lets be real. Chances are I was on the phone with my Blogger Bestie Hannah during this photo shoot. Not Mother Nature. I always seem to be on the phone with Hannah…. Guilty?!
Though the snow may be melting, I refuse to not post these adorable pictures featuring Julep Nail Polish and Eyeshadow!
I do not have many colors of nail polish besides from my neutrals and baby pinks, so I was extra excited when Hannah and I won Julep Nail Polish and Makeup from Julia’s Best Friend contest on Instagram!
 There are two things that I absolutely cannot do: paint my nails and do my hair. I kinda suck at being a girly girl in that regard. However, I feel I make up for this lack of talent in the fashion department.


It has always been my signature to have neutral nails. From gold to baby pink, (check out this adorable duo!) to just a coat of clear nail polish- my nails are always neutral. With that being said, I have been known to switch up this routine by matching my nails to my outfit… maybe even too well sometimes. I just get this sense of satisfaction when my nails match my outfit perfectly! Its the little things in life that really make it special.
For this outfit, I am wearing The Phoebe Mini (Boho Glam) in Vibrant Jungle Metallic on my nails and Orbital Eyeshadow in Moonbeam on my eyes. The polish is apart of Julep’s Nailed It! gift set. (PSSSTTT! The gift set is currently on sale!!) 
I prefer to keep my makeup neutral (I’m starting to see a pattern here…) with a hint of shimmer. This eyeshadow from Julep has become my go-to color for school because when I put just a few swipes on, it provides me with the perfect amount of color and shimmer for everyday wear!
Side note: I put a couple extra layers on for this photo shoot.
Head over to Hannah’s blog to see her post on Julep Polish! I’m sure it will be Practically Imperfect (;
A special thanks to Matt Sczerba PhotographyJulia from Lemon Stripes blog and the fabulous people at Julep! Hurry on over to! They are auctioning off $100 worth of swag and a chance to win a Lucky Mystery Box!
Enjoy the nice, warm weather and the sunshine while it last! In Michigan we may be getting another snow storm at the end of March. Wow, it killed me to say that. Luckily, I will be headed on down to North Carolina for Spring Break two weeks!
Remember to always make time for your besties and keep things covered up!
Outfit details: Bean Boots || Jacket (Similar) || Pants || Belt (C.Wonder, No longer available) || Socks || Sweater || Scarf (Old, No longer available)


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    Southwestern Prepster
    March 11, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Ahh I'm in love with your scarf and that nail polish, too cute! Love your photos, you're beautiful as always!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

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