Meeting the In-laws the First Time? Here’s How to Dress to Impress

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So you are taking the next step in your relationship and he has asked you to meet his parents? The thought of meeting a couple of judgmental people might bring shivers down your spine, but you can make this work. You will have to be the person they would like to see next to their son, and this means that you have to dress for the occasion. Below you will find a few tips on how to impress your future in laws.

Simple, Effortless Outfit

The key to success is that you need to look effortlessly elegant. This means that you should opt for comfortable and elegant clothes. Smart casual might be too little, but leave the black dress for the Christmas party. A tailored trouser with an elegant blouse will do just fine. Alternatively, if you are visiting in the winter, you might want to show how practical you are, and start shopping for Women’s sweaters that look great and sophisticated.

No Heels Unless You Are Tiny

If you are less than an inch shorter than your boyfriend, and his parents are short, you might want to avoid intimidating them. If you are towering over your boyfriend and his parent, you are not likely to make the right impression. If, however, you are short, you can wear solid heels or platform shoes to look good next to your man.

Cover Up the Skin

It is important that you can distinguish between going to a party and getting dressed for a family event and you show this to your future in-laws. Don’t go for the short skirt or the tight mini dress, and avoid the skater skirts, too. Instead, cover as much of the skin surface as possible. No spaghetti straps or off shoulder tops. Less is more, and a simple but elegant blouse will make a much better impression.

Dress Like Him

You will also have to prove that you know how to match the style of your man. If you are turning up together in perfect harmony, you will be more likely to get the approval of the strict judges called parents. If you would like to make better fashion decisions, you might want to help your other half choose their outfit and check how you will look together before you head out.  

Fine Jewelry

Instead of loud and colorful costume jewelry, you should opt for the most expensive items you own and the branded watch, too. You will be judged by your taste, and if you turn up with huge yellow sunflower earrings at the dinner party, you can’t expect anyone to take you seriously. Go for a small but sophisticated necklace with matching bracelets and earrings.

For many women, the scariest meeting will be seeing their in-laws first time can be scary. You want to impress them, but don’t want them to notice that you made a lot of effort. Go for a simple outfit that shows taste and fashion skills, but doesn’t look out of place.


Disclaimer: This post is collaborative (or contributed) and may contain affiliate links.

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