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Make 2018 the Best Year Yet! A Guest Post

Hey y’all, I have a treat here for you today. Brittany from the adorable blog Everyday Thoughts is sharing her tips for making 2018 your best year yet! (Note: this post is sponsored by Rec Warehouse).


How many times have you made a New Year’s Resolution with the plan of being fully committed to its pursuit when the crystal ball dropped at midnight? Now, what is the number of occasions you have given up on said goal before the first day of February? For most Americans, the idea of a yearly resolution is a right of passage which gets you from the holidays in December to the renewal of another calendar year in January. It is a tradition as old as sauerkraut and pork or black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, but the standard of abandoning those objectives before Valentine’s Day is equally as acceptable in today’s fast-paced, short-sighted culture. Considering adults only average an attention span of eight seconds, it is no wonder most people cannot stick to their goals longer than a couple of weeks. Our best intentions only last long enough for us to make a Facebook announcement, buy a year-long gym membership, and choose workout attire which will only see the light of day once or twice before finding its rightful place shoved somewhere in a dark closet corner.


How will you make 2018 different from previous years and actually embrace your resolution seeing it through to fruition? How can you take the necessary steps guaranteeing you will reach your goals instead of losing interest in them before you make any meaningful headway?


We cannot do the work for you, but we can help get you started down the path to success by sharing these five simple steps which will provide you with the framework to tackle your resolutions and fulfill your dreams.


  1. Be intentional. When you are only partially invested in the success of your pursuits your efforts will soon falter and wither away. Before you fully commit to anything, spend time thinking about your plans and decide if you will be passionate about its pursuit for the entire year.
  2. Write it down. No matter how big or small your resolution might be, summarize it in writing and keep it in a place where you will see it year round. When confronted with your ambitions on daily bases, it acts as a perpetual reminder and sparks a renewed sense of vigor each day.
  3. Seek Support. Misty Copeland once said, “Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.” She understands the invaluable asset of having a reliable support system. Alert loved ones to your plans and allow them to hold you accountable throughout the next twelve months as you pursue it.
  4. Do your research. You would never begin driving a car without first seeking the guidance of someone who knows you need a key to spark the ignition. The same principle is true when you venture out and try something new. Whether you want to become debt free, seek out a unique business opportunity, or read more books, do your research and learn the best way to be successful.  


  1. Have the right tools. Equipment is paramount when it comes to execution excellence. Runners need the appropriate shoes and photographers need the right lens and camera for optimal results. Regardless of your resolution for the new year, make sure you have everything you need to traverse the landscape with ease.  

The most common resolution is to lose weight and get healthy, which is appropriate after all the sweet and savory delicacies served during the holiday season. If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of people who plan to head into January with a healthier disposition, then consider adding swimming, water aerobics, and hydrotherapy to your routine. With the help of the professionals at Rec Warehouse, in Atlanta, Georgia you can ensure you stick to your resolution. Rec Warehouse is Atlanta’s number one seller of above ground pools and hot tubs. They have everything you need to create an at-home environment to foster success and help you conquer your goals. In fact, they even sell swim spas which promote a pool-like, lap workout in a much more confined space. So you get many of the benefits customary to a pool but with a piece of equipment resembling the size of an oversized hot tube. Many of the swim spas come with optional stereo equipment allowing you to stay motivated throughout your workout with an upbeat soundtrack. Then when you finish exercising, remain in the water and just turn on the jets to help your tired muscles relax and unwind.

The XL14000 Swim Spa is available at


Rec Warehouse has three convenient Atlanta-area locations in Norcross, Kennesaw, and Jonesboro. Each store brick-and-mortar location has friendly and accommodating individuals who want to help you reach your fullest potential. The showrooms feature an extraordinary variety of high-quality and well-priced recreation equipment ranging from swim spas and hot tubes to outdoor patio furniture, game room equipment, and above ground swimming pools. If you are not local to Atlanta, Rec Warehouse also has a website with a live chat option so you can get the in-store experience from the comfort of your home.

Make sure 2018 is the best year ever, by taking the reins on your New Year’s Resolution and tackling it with confidence.


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