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Everyone goes to the city with a dream. One does not hop off the plane at JFK or enter into Grand Central Station without a mini movie being played through their head on repeat. Young girls dreaming of diamonds from Tiffany and Co., young men planning a future career on Wall Street. Adults would be lying if they didn’t admit they sometimes wonder what their lives would be like if the moved to New York City and followed their wildest dream. Unless your goal in life is to be a professional golfer or football player, your career will flourish if you live in the city. In no way does this mean you won’t be successful living outside of the city, well.. you get the point.

The other day I was fortunate enough to visit the Viacom Corporate Offices in New York City for a meeting with MTV in their Insight Department. Opportunity always seems to knock on my door; this past May I was one of twenty high school girls selected to be a member of MTV’s High School Inner Circle. Our job is to, basically, keep MTV young and hip. The group is on Facebook, which means I am Facebook friends with my boss ( I actually really like and strongly recommend because it forces me to have a clean Facebook page). She saw I was going to be in New York and invited me to MTV Corporate Offices for a meeting. Yes, I was invited to MTV. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one myself.

I arrived at the offices at 7pm on a Tuesday with a Starbucks in hand, partially because I am obsessed with coffee and partially because I was in major need of the confidence boost a latte provides me with. After going through security, I found myself opening the doors to my future. There I stood right in front of my boss at MTV Insights wondering what the heck I did to deserve this opportunity. She took me into a room that over looked Times Square and asked me questions related to high school life. We talked for an hour and a half about what I do in my free time, what diction is popular amongst my peers, high school relationships (obviously I’m not too much of an expert on that), and how I am personally impacted by society. The meeting went exceptionally well! I now have my boss’ Snapchat and theres not a doubt in my mind she will soon hold my top best friend spot. I left the offices at 8:45pm on a Tuesday having opened yet another door to my future.

Growing up, I always thought I’d end up working in New York City, on Broadway to be specific. Never would I ever imagine myself working at MTV (well maybe on a TV show, as long as it wasn’t Teen Mom). Leaving the Viacom Corporate Offices that Tuesday night, I was began reevaluating my future, digging into my potential. What ever it is that you think you want to do, dream bigger. There is a whole other world (city) waiting to be explored. Envision the craziest future for yourself, doing something you never thought you could possibly do, then chase after that dream.

Keep it covered up my friends.



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