Let’s Combat Your Fear Of The Doctor!

Having a fear of the doctor is not uncommon, by any means, but it can get in the way of maintaining good health and happiness. If you’re afraid of even the thought of seeing a doctor, you’re not going to take your symptoms to a medical professional and receive treatment for them. They might get worse and worse, and you might get very sick and tired, and the whole situation will only increase your fear of the doctor – because now, they really will have some bad news to tell you. 

Let’s try and stop a cycle like this in its tracks, and combat your fear of the doctor. You shouldn’t have to live without medical care, because of a fear you don’t even understand, so here’s just a couple of things to remember about your next visit. 


Make Sure You Know What Scares You

You need to know what you find so scary about seeing a doctor before you can begin to combat the fear itself. Think about your past experiences; what made them so uncomfortable? Between them, do they have anything in common?

Is it the setting? A doctor’s office can be a very clinical and quiet place, with bright lights and whitewashed walls – not exactly what you’d call comfortable! But if it’s the waiting room or the treatment room that bothers you, you can always ask to be seen from home. 

Is it the doctor themselves? Maybe you’re seeing someone who’s been a bit rude or callous to you in the past – you don’t have to see them again! You can transfer to another physician if need be. 

Remember, There’s a Lot of Doctors Out There!

Whilst this might make you feel a bit worse at first, the amount of different doctors and approaches to healthcare can be really beneficial to you. After all, if you see a doctor who didn’t treat you as nicely as you hoped they would, there’s going to be at least 5 other doctors who have a much better bedside manner! 

Do some research on the next medical center you’d rather go to. Try and find one with a guarantee for patient comfort, usually displayed on their website, or via a form to request support if you have any fears over a medical setting. Be sure to check up some reviews about the place as well! Look into what other people with similar thoughts to you have said about their experiences. 

And if you’ve got a family clinic nearby, try and get yourself on the patient list – family doctors know how to handle fears in children and teenagers, and they’ll be able to give you some advice about putting yourself at ease too. 

Of course, a fear of the doctor is a phobia that needs to be diagnosed by a professional. But if you’re constantly avoiding medical professionals, and you’re getting a lot of anxiety and panic symptoms when you have an appointment scheduled, these tips might work very well for you. 

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