It’s Raining, Its Pouring…

…The old man is snoring. My dad is currently snoring, but thats probably not the case for you.

The weather in my charming old Village of Pinehurst has been rather drab the past few days. Yesterday the lowest temperature was 64*. Thats almost 40* cooler than the average temperature for this summer in North Carolina. Not only was this weather unexpected, but it was also unappreciated. Very unappreciated. I am making my way up to Michigan in a few days and normally I’d be all upset but the weather in The Mitten is, for the first time ever, nicer than the weather in North Carolina.

When it rains in Pinehurst, it storms. I mean, torrential down pour. Of course I left my rain boots up north and have to wear my beloved Jacks in the water. Oh well, at least they can handle it!

I think every girl dreams of having her very own pair of Hunter Rain Boots. I probably think this because in the past few days of rain, almost every girl has a pair of Hunter Rain Boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hunter’s. I would have a pair myself if I could justify spending a few hundred dollars on a pair of boots, especially the way I wear shoes. I refuse to wear the same pair of shoes twice in a week (another weird quirk of mine) and Hunter has yet to come out with the perfect shade of pink for my liking. Whenever I finally save up the money to purchase a pair of Hunters, I remind myself that I would wear a Lilly dress more. And well, now I’m off topic.

Any who, if you’re like me and can’t seem to find the perfect pair of Hunter Rain Boots; have no fear! For The Quirky Conservative is here bringing you four adorable pairs of rain boots all under $50! I know, I know, I’m just oh so fabulous.


1. Crocs Crocbrand Airy Boot. Yes, you read that right… Crocs. The classic Croc shoe may be a no-no, but the rubber is perfect for the rain! This pair has wholes which help to prevent your feet from overheating and a nylon liner to keep your feet dry. Not to mention the fun color combination! And the price? $41.99!
2. Dirty Laundry Regency PVC Rain Boot. This obviously doesn’t look like a typical rain boot. In fact, its so chic it almost looks like a riding boot! The hot pink trim and bows make the boot fun and playful. The basic color pair of this boot almost guarantees this boot will match almost everything in your closet (besides navy, of course). At only $41.99, you should purchase this adorable boot now.
3. Chooka Top Solid Gloss Light Blue Rain Boot. Besides the adorable shade of aqua, the leather details on this boot are killer. They are super shinny so they look similar to the Hunter High Gloss boot, but at $45.99 they are only a small fraction of the price! No doubt they will be the newest addition to my shoe collection. I cannot wait to pair them with my Lilly scarves!
4. Chooka Classy Dot Rain Boot. They are the same price, style, and company as the previous rain boot with the addition of polkadots! The coral is a perfect transition color from summer to fall and the leather details will go perfectly with a fall trench coat.
Here’s to keeping things dry & covered up!


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