It’s A Good Thing I Hate The Color Purple

Ahem, cue new wardrobe and tears in preparation for what I am about to tell you….



Remember when I was oh so stressed about the college admissions process? Remember when I didn’t post for about two weeks because I was busy working on my Common App Essay (which I wrote 11 in a half copies of) ?  Well all the stressing and not posting and perfecting was worth it because The Quirky Conservative was accepted on Saturday to her dream school! Opening my acceptance letter to  High Point University was such a surreal moment. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has helped me along the way. HPU, you made a great decision if I do say so myself.



If you know me in real life… meaning you’ve actually talked to me outside the screen of your computer or phone… you would know I am completely obsessed with coffee, chapstick, the South, Lilly Pulitzer anything (I love color, what can I say?), Country Clubs, and High Point University. I stumbled upon HPU online in 7th grade but my first visit to campus was during my Sophomore Spring Break. Driving up to the University’s front gates, I immediately knew there was no other school for me than High Point. The small class sizes, extraordinarily kind professors, staff and students, the familiar surroundings, the jaw-dropping selection of gluten free foods, and the school being only an hour form my house in North Carolina are all reason why I fell in love. However, the inspiring environment that makes me so eager to learn was what sealed the deal.
I haven’t taken a picture with my acceptance letter yet (thats what happens when you’re traveling) but you know once I do, that picture will show the biggest smile you have ever seen on my face.
If you are still applying to colleges, don’t stress! Check out this post I wrote a while back about writing your college essay and pay a visit to and sign up for their newsletter. Everyday in December they will be sending out a tip on writing your college essay, waiting for your acceptance letters, and more!
I would just like to take a moment and thank everyone who took the time to Tweet, call, or text me to congratulate me on my acceptance. I have the most extraordinary friends who are oh so supportive! Y’all make me speechless.
Work hard to make your dreams a reality. Oh, and keep things covered up!

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    Stephanie Nguyen
    November 29, 2014 at 10:04 pm

    Ah congratulations! That is so exciting!!

    -Stephanie @ Petite Pastels

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