So uh… in case you did not already know… dreams kinda do come true.
Like really. They do.
Just look!
Yep, thats right.
Today, one of my dreams came true. Ok, I am not exactly certain I would call having my own line of prints a dream. I think its more so a goal.
Last year around this time I was an anxious little Senior in high school who was beginning to plan out her future. For the most part, I had the “where I wanted to go to college” part down. My long list of hopes and dreams was slowly turned into a smaller list of short-term goals. I had my mind set to completing this list before I began my Freshman year of college. And today, I can cross off the very first thing on my list: having my own line of prints.
I met the ever-so-talented Virginia in Meagan Hooper’s bSmart Guide (which I strongly suggest you join)! When Virginia stressed her need for new ideas in our bSmart Mentorship meeting, the lightbulb inside of my head started flashing. “This is it!” I thought, “This is who will turn my dreams into a reality”.
When we sat down to brainstorm ideas for our collaboration, I shared my two favorite sayings: “Sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling  and “Stay quirky”.
Virginia asked what both quotes mean to me:
“Sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling “
After searching for a response to the common question, “How do you describe yourself?”, I decided on these three words. They perfectly capture who I am and who I strive to be. Embrace what makes you sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling. Life is better when you are fully who you are.
“Stay Quirky”


I was extremely bullied growing up. I was even bullied out of my old high school freshman year. Going through something as traumatic as bullying demolished my confidence. When I realized I allowed the haters to take away the personality traits that I once cherished, I knew I needed to change. From that day forward I have stopped apologizing for being myself and I have started celebrating all of my quirks. My blog has played a big part in uniting me with my inner confidence. The whole mission behind my blog is to inspire others to be confident in what makes them unique. We live in a society that views our individualities as flaws, but I firmly believe what makes us different, or quirky as I would say, is also what makes us special. To me, the phrase “stay quirky” means to stay true to yourself and always follow your heart – no matter how eccentric you may be.


You can purchase all three prints on Virginia’s Etsy shop! Since the collection is only available for a limited time, I encourage you to stock up on either the physical copy of the prints or the digital download. Be sure to stop by Virginia’s blog for more details on the #TQCxVLH print collection!
Dream big and do not ever let anyone tell you “No”.
Here’s to be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling.
Oh! And to staying quirky!

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