Introducing the Celebrate Yourself Challenge!

College winter break is, well, refreshing. For the first time, I have a long break from school where I do not have any school work to do. I repeat, I have no school work. No books to read, no papers to write, no packets to fill out. Nothing. Since I am one who absolutely hates having an abundance of free time, I decided to take a few days and get the ball rolling on something I have been dying to create: a self- esteem boosting, positivity spreading, 12-month challenge.

I often write how important it is for me to post content that will positively impact the lives of those who read it. I do not want to be just another lifestyle blogger, I want to be a young woman who makes a positive difference. If you have not noticed by now, the positive difference I want to make has to do with showing each and every person I meet that what makes them unique, or quirky as I like to say, it also what makes them special.

My passion for promoting confidence and an optimistic outlook on life is shared with a dear friend of mine. I met Sanah, founder of The Love Your Natural Self Foundation, through the Smart Girls Group (now Spire & Co). She was notably different, as confidence, passion, positivity, and ambition shine through all of her endeavors. When it came down for me to get serious about starting a confidence-boosting challenge, I did not think twice when asking the inspiring Sanah to join me in kick-starting a positive revolution.

Once we put our imaginations together, the ideas kept coming out. One close to three-hour long phone call and countless Google Docs later, we are proud to introduce to you the Celebrate Yourself Challenge! A 12-month, self-esteem boosting challenge that is aimed at reuniting you with your inner confidence. (And yes, there will be a give-a-way at the end of each month!) 

While everyone is starting a health challenge for their New Year’s Resolution, we encourage you to work on your mental health in 2016! Interested in learning more? Check back Friday, January 1st for the first phase of our challenge!

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Stay natural, stay quirky, and CELEBRATE YOU!

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    December 18, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    u know, we're gonna have a family gathering too and damnit, it so hard to organize! espaeiclly when EVERYONE has something to say. so yeah, it's great ur family was able to come to one voice and have a great day.d

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