Interview Outfit Basics

In honor of my upcoming college interviews, I thought I would share a little but of advice on what to wear!

We live in a society that forms judgement based upon how we present ourselves. Many may argue that a first impression is made the moment you meet someone face-to-face. I argue that a first impression is made the moment someone lays eyes on you- whether its from across the room or up-close and person. When it comes to an interview, making a good first impression is key.

Lets start out with the basics:
1. Wrinkled clothes and untucked shirts scream lazy.
2. Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall- always wear your pantyhose.
3. Patterns and colors are ok… in moderation.
4. Leave the statement necklaces and flashy jewelry at home.
5. Never wear tight fitting clothes.
6. Wear sensible shoes.

If you choose to wear a pattern or color, make sure to pair it with basics like a black or navy blazer or bottom. Look for small patterns in muted colors like polk-o-dots, stripes, and lace.
Here are a few good options:
Wear sensible shoes. Ladies, leave the 6 inch sequin heels at home. A solid pump or flat will do the trick here. Stay away from sandals, flip-flops, and boots. Peep toe heals and wedges are fine, as are booties.

Try these on for size:
Just a few general rules:
1.   Pack an extra pair of pantyhose for everyday you will be interviewing. There is nothing worse than showing up with a run in your tights!
2. If skin is showing, it should be on your arms, collar bone, and/ or your neck. Ladies, never wear a low-cut shirt, a sleeveless shirt, or a short skirt or dress. The purpose of your interview is to show off your accolades and accomplishments, not your body. 
3. The proper length for a skirt or dress is right above your knee. This is especially important if you choose to wear a pencil skirt! (Side note, make sure the skirt is not too tight.) 
4. Statement necklaces can be distracting. Swap them out for something simpler like small pearls or a small monogram. Try to stay away from anything flashy!
When looking for business appropriate clothing, keep in mind the following stores:
4. Gap
7. H&M
(Side note, all stores listed above have AMAZING sales! Also, keep your eyes out for student discounts!)
The way you dress says a lot about the type of person you are. Its o-k-a-y to allow your personality shine though!  Make sure to stay true to yourself when picking out your outfit for an interview. Especially since we live in a society that forms judgement based upon how we present ourselves. And as always, remember conservative doesn’t have to mean boring. 
Keep things covered up!



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    Southwestern Prepster
    February 8, 2015 at 1:39 pm

    Love this, every bit of it is SO true!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

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