“I Got This!”



Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt so overwhelmed that you just can’t with today. If you didn’t rase your hand, I don’t believe you.

As a college student, balancing a social life, school and an internship is a lot. Though most days I feel I have it all together, I have my moments where my to-do list seems to never end. But perhaps its the pressure to “do it all” that leaves me feeling like I’m sinking instead of swimming.

I am here to tell you that it is okay. It is okay to not go out on a Friday night and instead stay in bed sleeping. It is okay to not post an instagram for a week because you did not do anything “picture worthy.” It is okay to re-wear the same pair of leggings three days a week because you have not time to do your laundry. It is okay to eat three bags of chips in a week and drink five cups of coffee in a day.

Breathe, cry, laugh or go for a run. Eat a 12-pack of tacos.

Whatever it is that makes you happy, it is okay to do it. But please, do not feel the need to do it all. The time is now, the person is you. This is your life, do what you want, when you want to and forget about what everyone else is doing. Be confident in yourself, you’re pretty awesome.

Embrace what makes you, you.

Remember, you got this.



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