How to Make Running Part of Your Lifestyle

You can, if you so wish, get your required dose of exercise from the gym, but, if we’re all entirely honest, this is probably the least fun and exciting way to work up a sweat. You’re just inside a crowded room, working with machines — it’s all function. Running, on the other hand, can be much more enjoyable. It gets you outside, you’ve got a view, and you get all those sweet dopamine hits. There’s nothing like the post-run glow! Below, we take a look at how you can make it part of your lifestyle with five easy tips.


Find Your Golden Hour

Don’t listen to people who tell you when you should go running — they’re not you. You’re not going to make running a part of your lifestyle if you think you need to go at 7 am each morning. If you’re wrestling with your alarm clock every morning, then you’re just going to resent the activity! The trick is to find your own preferred time. You might find that running is a great way to destress from the working day, for example. Try out a few different times during the day and see what works for you.

Start Small

Trying to do too much is something that makes many people give up their running career before its even really got going! It’s best to build up, rather than tackle too much and give up because it’s too much. For example, if you’re saying to yourself, “I’m going to run for one hour a day,” then forget it — you might do it a few times, but it’ll be too much of a commitment. You haven’t yet built up your love affair with running. Take things easy, to begin with, by running 20 – 30 minutes until it’s a staple of your routine.

Manage Your Body

Running is, in general, good for your health — but it’s not perfect, and can cause issues. One such vulnerable area is your knees, which can take something of a beating if you’re running on concrete with the incorrect footwear. If you’re already suffering from a knee injury, then it’s best that you work with specialists such as OPA Ortho; they’ll be able to help you overcome the injury, and advise you as to when – and how far – you can run. When you first begin running, you’ll want to be aware as to how your body responds, to ensure that it’s not having an adverse effect.

Measure Yourself

You’ll eventually find that running is enjoyable for its own sake — you can lose yourself in your music, feel your body waking up, and so on. But there’ll be times when those things aren’t enough. One of the best ways to maintain your interest in running is to measure yourself, such as time and distance ran. You’ll find that your competitive streak kicks in (with yourself) and that you naturally want to improve. And if that doesn’t work, grab a friend or two and create a running club to keep things fun.

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