How To Fly Like A Pro

Last summer, I had three flights canceled and was stranded in New York City until the next day. While there are way worse places to be stranded at then NYC, I was pretty annoyed. I distinctly remember proclaiming the words “I will never fly again.” Well, that proclamation lasted good few months. Through my terrible luck with traveling, I have learned a few tips and tricks to make the dreaded deed a bit more entertaining:

1. Download your airline’s app. By using your airline’s app on your smart phone, you are able to check to see if your flight is on time, track your bags and download your boarding passes.

2. Wear layers. Sometimes airplanes are freezing, other times they are hot, hot, hot! You never know what the weather will be where your layover is and having a jacket is the best way to survive the change in temperatures. I sat near the window at my terminal in Chicago. I could feel the cold air through the glass.

3. Bring a blanket scarf. They’re called blanket scarves for a reason… because they can be used as legit blankets. Have a long flight and need to cozy up? Check. Want to take a nap and need a pillow? Check.

4. Buy a water bottle at the airport. Better yet, bring your own and fill it up. Staying hydrated is KEY to beating jet lag.

5. Pack hand sanitizer. Airports and airplanes are dirty, dirty, dirty. Try to avoid catching any extra germs by having hand sanitizer with you.

I hope these five tips help you travel like a pro.

Happy flying!

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