Hi, it’s me again!

If you’re a long time reader, thank you for coming back. And if you’re new here, welcome!

In case you have forgotten, my name is Mandy. And no, I’m not an Amanda. I’m a Miranda, legally I guess. My friends tend to call me Mandy and sometimes Mindy. But that’s a story for a different time.

In a nut shell, I’m just a girl with a blog. Well I guess I am a young working woman now that I have a college degree and a full-time job. But I haven’t come to terms with that new reality quite yet. 

I have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it- hence the pretty long vacation from writing posts about my somewhat average and moderately-fascinating life. I concluded in college that I couldn’t accomplish my desired academic achievements, hold a long-term internship, be actively involved on campus, have a social life, AND have a blog. Something just had to go and unfortunately I chose my blog. 

I’m not sure if unfortunately is the right word, because at the time I wasn’t sad to leave my blog behind. The landscape was changing. Every blogger put (and still puts) a heavy emphasis on monetizing their posts while also striving to keep up with the Jones’. It was and still very much is a have-it-all and show-it-all-off type of culture. After trying to keep up with it for a while I decided that I wanted nothing to do with it. To me, blogging is a passion, not a business. But I couldn’t get out of that business mindset.

So what do you do when you lose a major part of you? Nothing, really. I have always kept journals on my thoughts. In a way, I always had a blog but I haven’t always shared it. Therefore the only major change I felt was that I finally was living life for myself and on my own terms.

For a while I felt as if I lived a specific life just for the internet. Everything I did I felt had to be written about. It took some time, but I concluded that was not the life I wanted to live. 

Transparency is key. It’s what builds trust. And as a blogger, I want my readers to trust in the accuracy of the information that I share. I have never, nor ever intend, to have a false portrayal of who I am on the internet. I started this blog back in 2014 because I truly believe what makes us different- or quirky as I like to call it- is always what makes us special. I breathe that mantra. And I want to lead by example. 

So here I am, sitting behind my computer, writing about my thoughts. Just like old times.

My only hope is that my blog sparks joy in all of my readers.

Stay you,

xox MJE

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