I am a firm believer in living a colorful lifestyle. There is just something about wearing a colorful scarf, or pink shoes, or a bright colored headband that makes my day oh so much better! The same goes for school supplies. Call me crazy, but if I have ugly, dull binders and dingy old pencils and a planner that doesn’t match anything else in my locker, my time at school is even more miserable. I need the bright pops of color to engage myself in learning!
When Seventeen Magazine sent me an Office Depot gift card, I knew I would end up leaving the store with a bag full of color. Needless to say, I know myself all too well.
Every year, I buy new Sharpies before I go back to school. I’m a doodler so markers are a must! Instead of buying the traditional back-to-school pack of markers Sharpie always comes out with, I decided to have a little fun! I definitely had an #GottaGetIt moment when I saw Sharpie’s new neon markers! I was in utter disbelief when I wrote with one on my binder and the ink was actually neon. (Caution: the yellow marker is almost blinding!)

I’m a flash card girl. No matter how many flash card apps come out, I will always love using my index cards to make flash cards. They never seem to fail me (except when they all fall out of my hands at once and make a huge mess). I normally have the traditional white 3×5 index card, but this year I decided to shake things up!  The neon colors match perfectly with my Sharpies! That is when another #GottaGetIt moment happened.

Now lets talk washi tape. Let me just say, I have been dying to decorate my computer with it ever since my friend Natalie from put the most adorable bike washi tape on her space bar. Luckily, my Office Depot had a large selections of washi tape in every color so I was able to get the most perfect roll!

I had an extra dollar to spend so I figured I treat myself to this fun lime green eraser! I wasn’t sure I’d have a use for it since I mainly write in pen, but it makes a perfect paper weight and matches the rest of my desk decor! I may go back and get the pink eraser… I just #GottaGetIt.



Love everything I purchased? You’re in luck! Not only did everything total up to just about $10, is it also available on or in your local Office Depot store! Show me your back-to-school must haves by tagging @TheQuirkyConservative, @OfficeDepot, and #GottaGetIt.
Another big thank you to Seventeen Magazine for giving me an Office Depot gift card!
Don’t be afraid to shine bright and keep things covered up!

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