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Goodie Girl White Chocolate Bark


‘Tis the season to eat and eat and eat, am I right? One of my favorite holiday traditions is spending hours in the kitchen baking with my mother. This year, we decided to get creative and make a yummy gluten-free treat! 



16 Goodie Girl Cocoa Slims

¼ cup Organic raw sunflower seeds

¼ Organic raw pumpkin seeds

¼ Traverse City dried cherries

¼  Organic flake unsweetened coconut

16 oz. Ghirardelli White Baking Chocolate

Sea Salt


Melt white chocolate – I used a Wilton chocolate melter

1. While the chocolate is melting, cut Goodie Girl Cocoa Slims into small pieces – I refrigerated the cookies and then used kitchen shears to cut the cookies into small chunks. (I found that the refrigerated cookies were not as messy to work with – when the chocolate was room temperature is was a yummy, but chocolate mess.)

2. Prepare a jellyroll or a pizza pan with parchment paper. Its important to have a pan with a bit of an edge.

3. Mix the sunflower seeds, pumpkins seeds, coconut, dried cherries and sea salt.  

4. When the chocolate has melted, pour it out on the parchment paper  and spread it to  about one quarter inch thick.

5. Sprinkle the Goodie Girl pieces onto the melted chocolate.  Next sprinkle the seed, nut and fruit mixture onto the chocolate.  Dust with a bit of sea salt and refrigerate for one hour.  

6. Break into pieces and enjoy.

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