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Gluten- Free Greek Pizza Recipe

Last night I posted this picture of my pizza on Instagram. Like all food pictures, I did not expect to have a huge turn out or like count. And I most certainly did not expect to have recipe requests! I mean, how can I blame y’all for asking what ingredients go into making this scrumptious pizza!

I must be honest, I ordered this pizza (pictured below) from a hole in the wall store down the road from my parents house in Michigan. They have the absolute best gluten-free crust I have ever tasted! I have been ordering their Greek gluten-free pizza for years (check out the rest of their delicious pizzas here!).

Greek Pizza Recipie-2

Has that picture made your mouth water yet? Yeah, this greek pizza is pretty much the most delicious thing I have ever had. The best part? Its super easy to make!

My favorite gluten-free pizza crusts are the frozen ones from Udi’s. I prefer to pre-cook the crust for no more than five minutes before I start adding the toppings.  All ingredients should be added to your personal preferences!

Greek Pizza Recipe- Ingredients

I hope you enjoy this delicious gluten-free greek pizza just as much as I do!

Happy eating!


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