Feeling Downtrodden? It’s Time To Get Back Up

You’re not much use to yourself just lying around on the floor down there. Your commitments are piling up, your priorities are becoming urgent with each passing day, and your cat needs feeding. But in all seriousness, we all get downtrodden, so you’re not alone in that sense. If your pet dog has passed away, you’ve found your slimy boyfriend cheating on you, or you’ve forgotten your handbag with the entire contents of your life inside – phone, money, keys. Each (figurative) punch in the face at some point knocks you down to the point when you’re lying their wonder is there any use getting up to have the same thing happen all over again? The answer is yes – well, it has to be. And even if it’s not, you still need to get up and feed the cat.

You Need People

You need people, and they need you, more than each will probably care to admit. Your mom, aunty, bestie are not going to care if you haven’t showered for a week, or that you were late for work, they care about the why – and, they’ll most likely do anything to try and help you backup on your feet. So let people in that want to help you, you need it!

Be Selfish

For a little while anyway, and certainly not at your loved one’s expense but, take something back for you. Not that the world owes you anything, but sometimes you have to say words like no, not today and I don’t want to. For women, in particular, we’re prone to becoming people pleasers and being upset over the thought of someone else being upset because we said no to that party we really didn’t want to go to. And so we go anyway, get incredibly drunk and a little bit offensive, and have an awful time. So it’s usually better when you’re not feeling too good, to decline. You can give your reason that you’re currently trying to get off the floor, or don’t give a reason at all because it’s your own business! Queue the “no’s” to things you loathe and don’t want to do, take a sick day and indulge in whatever is you need to do to distract yourself and regain some kind of strength. Netflix usually works well for some, and eating well tends to work for everyone.

What’s The Plan?

From the last step, you should hopefully have started to recoup some energy. And now, you can start to form the inkling of a plan to move on a bit further and get your life together. You can either say your intentions out loud like those positive people who read out their affirmations to themselves in the mirror, keep a mental note, or tap it into your notes app like most people, do it. Because there are things you need to get done, whether it’s to call your personal injury lawyer, reorganize your finances, look for a new job, buy some cat food! Also, you don’t have to do it smiling, or even look presentable, or even be enthusiastic about it, you just need to make your plan starting from the priorities and then do it. 

And as with most things in life, you will get up, move on, forget about that time you were downtrodden and then something else will come along and knock you off your feet again – such is life.

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