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“Do You Like Sleep In Fancy Clothes?” || Featuring Grace and Kenny Designs

The other day my friend asked me if I sleep in fancy clothes. I laughed, thinking his question was a joke. Turns out he was dead serious. Granted at that time I was just walking back from Prime and I was dressed to what he perceived was the nines (the dress I wore was my version of casual actually), I was still taken off guard. Though I am almost always wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts and a nice shirt, I always feel casual. I rarely feel like I am dressed up.
When I first stumbled upon Grace and Kenny Design’s Instagram, I became obsessed. My immediate thought was “Oh gosh! Their shirts would match my Lilly shorts!” What a typical Mandy thing to say, right?! Anyways, I knew I had to get my hands on the shirts the moment I laid eyes on them.
Their “Preppy Alphabet” shirt is my absolute favorite! I own absolutely everything listed on the back of the shirt and it just cracks me up how on point this version of the “preppy alphabet” this is! The wide array of colors on the back of the shirt make it so simple to pick out an outfit. On days when it is raining, I pair the shirt with my rainbow Chacos and athletic shorts!
While away at college, I have learned the value of a cute, comfortable t-shirt. Especially at my 8:30am class! I absolutely hate leaving the house dressed like a slob, but some mornings I am too exhausted (have you noticed the new bags under my eyes?) get out of bed and put on a nice outfit- especially when I normally come back and nap before my second class. Grace and Kenny’s shirts have completely solved this issue for me. I get to look put-together, preppy, girlie, and be comfortable all in one!
I have found that I tend to grab my “Stay Southern, Stay Happy” shirt while doing my dreaded math homework. Even though I cannot exactly read the back of my shirt while wearing it, the saying serves as a constant reminder that no matter how awful my math homework is, it is no reason not to be smiling.


 I believing in wearing pink often, keeping my body covered up, and never leaving the house not feeling confident in what I am wearing.  I full believe that your outfits have the power to boost you confidence and that conservative does not mean boring. Grace and Kenny Designs help to ensure I stick to my morals while remaining comfortable and a tab bit quirky!

Be sure to check out their eBay shop!

Be sassy, optimistic, and a little bit darling!

Stay quirky (and covered up)!


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